Shuffle Up and Deal: Market prices up the middle

If I had a new draft tomorrow, here is the cheat sheet I'd be using for the middle infielders. The stats to this point are merely an audition. Assume a 5x5 format, as always.

I welcome your intelligent and respectable disagreement but make sure you support your argument and further the conversation. Empty ranting is just a waste of time; put together a sound argument and everyone wins.

$32 Chase Utley(notes)
$31 Hanley Ramirez(notes)
$30 Robinson Cano(notes)
$29 Dustin Pedroia(notes)
$29 Derek Jeter(notes)
$29 Troy Tulowitzki(notes)
$27 Jimmy Rollins(notes)
$27 Jose Reyes
$25 Ian Kinsler(notes)
$25 Elvis Andrus(notes)

Comments: The power hasn't arrived yet with Andrus but otherwise, this is a definite stud. He's spiked his walk rate, he's more confident on the bases, and he's sitting in the catbird seat in Arlington, batting leadoff for a strong offense and in a hitter's park. It's going to be a run ride with this pup. … This is the lowest Kinsler price I can ever recall posting, but at some point we have to hold him accountable for the never-ending stream of injuries. Health, to some extent, is a skill.

$22 Ben Zobrist(notes)
$22 Dan Uggla(notes)
$21 Stephen Drew(notes)
$21 Rickie Weeks(notes)
$20 Brandon Phillips(notes)
$19 Casey McGehee(notes)
$19 Kelly Johnson(notes)
$19 Rafael Furcal(notes)
$19 Orlando Cabrera(notes)
$18 Ian Stewart(notes)
$18 Placido Polanco(notes)
$18 Aaron Hill(notes)
$18 Ty Wigginton(notes)

Comments: We're still waiting for Zobrist to get going in the power department, but the average is in place, he's running plenty, and the Tampa Bay lineup provides a nice floor. No need to panic with him. … Weeks is a tricky call; he's not giving us help in average, as usual, and he's also been reluctant to tun, but he's been productive (and consistent) in the other three categories. … Hill's walk rate has fallen significantly and his line-drive rate has absolutely collapsed (down to 8.2 percent). He's making a lot of his bad luck.

$17 Martin Prado(notes)
$16 Orlando Hudson(notes)
$15 Jason Bartlett(notes)
$15 Ryan Theriot(notes)
$14 Alex Gonzalez
$14 Chone Figgins(notes)
$14 Brian Roberts(notes)
$14 Howie Kendrick(notes)
$13 Alberto Callaspo(notes)
$13 Juan Uribe(notes)
$13 Mike Aviles(notes)
$12 Yunel Escobar(notes)
$10 Miguel Tejada(notes)
$10 Jose Lopez(notes)
$10 Ian Desmond(notes)

Comments: The Nats continue to use Desmond most of the time as opposed to all of the time, and that's frustrating, but he hasn't helped the cause with his defense. He pulled his 11th error in Friday's game at San Diego. … There's no obvious answer on Roberts; we can't be sure how much he'll want to run when he returns, and obviously the Orioles won't be playing for anything the rest of the way. … Aviles is a frozen-rope machine and he's a plus player for batting average, but you'd like to see more category juice. … Of all the hacking Jays off to fast starts, Gonzalez looks like the most unlikely to continue. He's doing a ton of swinging outside the zone, and that sort of thing catches up to you.

$9 J.J. Hardy(notes)
$9 Jeff Keppinger(notes)
$9 Freddy Sanchez(notes)
$8 Jhonny Peralta(notes)
$7 Alexei Ramirez(notes)
$7 Felipe Lopez(notes)
$6 Alcides Escobar(notes)
$6 Carlos Guillen(notes)
$5 Marco Scutaro(notes)
$5 Gordon Beckham(notes)
$5 Starlin Castro(notes)
$5 Jason Donald(notes)
$4 Cristian Guzman(notes)
$4 Adam Kennedy(notes)
$4 David Eckstein(notes)
$4 Jerry Hairston Jr.(notes)
$4 Luis Castillo(notes)
$4 Adam Rosales(notes)
$4 Reid Brignac(notes)

Comments: If Brignac is handed a starting gig at any point in time, he's a $10-12 player immediately, no questions asked. … Castillo still has decent wheels at age 34, but he's dealing with a foot injury and you know you're getting zero power here; is the downside worth it to you in a mixed league? … If Milwaukee's Escobar can get more work in the No. 2 slot, we might see 15 or 20 steals. Those bags won't happen if he slides back to the bottom third for any extended period of time.

$3 Erick Aybar(notes)
$3 Skip Schumaker(notes)
$3 Clint Barmes(notes)
$3 Yuniesky Betancourt(notes)
$3 Ronny Cedeno(notes)
$2 Maicer Izturis(notes)
$2 Cliff Pennington(notes)
$2 Everth Cabrera(notes)
$2 Ronnie Belliard(notes)
$2 Mark Ellis(notes)
$2 Jamey Carroll(notes)
$2 Blake DeWitt(notes)
$2 Willy Aybar(notes)
$2 Tony Abreu(notes)

Comments: Ellis isn't a bad power and speed source when he's healthy, but we're not talking about Cal Ripken 2.0 here. … Is it just me, or does it always seem like the Angels have 4-5 players exactly like Maicer Izturis? … I've always felt Ronnie Belliard could have been a regular All-Star if he got some breaks with timing 8-10 years ago. He's an excellent role player for an NL club.

$1 Asdrubal Cabrera(notes)
$1 Edgar Renteria(notes)
$1 Aki Iwamura(notes)
$1 Omar Infante(notes)
$1 Mike Fontenot(notes)
$1 Craig Counsell(notes)
$1 Brendan Ryan(notes)
$1 Cesar Izturis(notes)
$1 Ramon Santiago(notes)
$1 Eric Young
$1 Joaquin Arias(notes)
$1 Melvin Mora(notes)
$1 Ryan Raburn(notes)
$1 Mark Grudzielanek(notes)
$1 Delwyn Young(notes)
$1 Danny Worth(notes)
$0 Willie Bloomquist(notes)
$0 Chris Getz(notes)
$0 Nick Punto(notes)
$0 Sean Rodriguez(notes)
$0 Jack Wilson(notes)
$0 Bobby Crosby(notes)
$0 Alexi Casilla(notes)
$0 Tommy Manzella(notes)

I've had my say, now it's your turn. Bring your best game, let's make this a win-win for all.