• Bizarre GoFundMe Launched After Hockey Star Uses Homophobic Slur

    Bizarre GoFundMe Launched After Hockey Star Uses Homophobic Slur

    Just when it seemed like the response to National Hockey League star Ryan Getzlaf’s use of a homophobic and sexist slur couldn’t get any more disappointing... it just got more disappointing. Getzlaf, who is the captain of the Anaheim Ducks, was fined $10,000 after calling a referee a “cocksucker” during Game 4 of the Western Conference finals on Friday. Many believe he got off too easily, considering the fine is just a drop in the bucket of his yearly $9 million salary and that another player, Andrew Shaw, was suspended by the NHL and sent to sensitivity training last year when he called an official an anti-gay slur.

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    Carlyle says Ducks were dealt ‘tough hand’ by schedule-makers

    Call it sour grapes if you wish, but Randy Carlyle thinks the Anaheim Ducks got screwed by the NHL’s schedule-maker. The head coach launched his complaint last night after his Ducks fell to the Nashville Predators in Game 6 of the Western Conference Final. “I don’t think we played poorly in the series,” said Carlyle.

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    Avs dismiss three from coaching staff, but Bednar remains

    Colorado GM Joe Sakic said there would be turnover this offseason, but that head coach Jared Bednar was safe. On Tuesday, Sakic followed through. The Avs have parted ways with two of Bednar’s assistants — Tim Army and Dave Farrish — and also relieved goalie coach Francois Allaire of his duties.