• Golf Story Review

    Golf Story is zany, unexpectedly funny, and mechanically sound. Those descriptors aren't overly exciting on their own, but then again, the same could be said of what constitutes contemporary RPGs; you fetch things, hit other things, and generally do the bidding of others while your heroism goes ignored. Golf Story is essentially an RPG based on mundane, real-world concerns dialed up to the nth degree, and it's that relatability that makes it much more charming than it sounds on paper. It's a not-so-sneaky homage to titles like Mario Golf considering its central conceit: absolutely everything can be solved with a combination of golf clubs, golf balls, and dogged persistence. That's where the player-character

  • Golf-FedEx Cup rankings

    Oct 22 (Gracenote) - FedEx Cup rankings 1. (2) Pat Perez (U.S.) 590 2. (1) Brendan Steele (U.S.) 556 3. (33) Justin Thomas (U.S.) 548 4. (3) Tony Finau (U.S.) 333 5. (3) Keegan Bradley (U.S.)

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  • The new amateur champion fights fires when he not sinking putts

    BROCKTON — As his son, a newly minted national amateur champion, stands on the doorsteps of golf’s great cathedrals, Vic Parziale chuckles as he remembers that afternoon a quarter-century ago at the Brockton Fairgrounds. A bucket of balls, an old club, and three generations of Parziales standing on an improvised practice tee. “The only thing I remember is that as he followed through, he hit my father in the chest,’’ Parziale recalled. “It wasn’t like the kid was going to be the next Arnold Palmer or anything. But he could make contact.’’ Yes, Matt Parziale could make contact. And, as a little boy, he paid attention. And he archived some fond memories of his own. Like many other little boys, he