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    NHL teams can begin talking to pending free agents today

    Obviously no contracts can be signed until July 1, and technically there is to be no discussion of contract terms, but the window is open for discussions to begin. T.J. Oshie re-signing with the Washington Capitals on Friday already removed one of the big-ticket players from the market. Shattenkirk is probably the top free agent available on the market and headlines a weak group of defensemen.

  • Vikings' Michael Floyd violates terms of house arrest, records show
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    Vikings' Michael Floyd violates terms of house arrest, records show

    Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Michael Floyd?is scheduled for a show-cause hearing later this month after court records show he violated the terms of his house arrest by drinking. Floyd is due in Scottsdale, Arizona, court June 26.? In a statement released Friday, Floyd said he "drank several bottles of kombucha tea drinks" while watching a movie at his home on Saturday. The receiver said he was "unaware that the drinks contain alcohol." According to webmd.com, the fermentation process of kombucha tea can yield trace amounts of alcohol. According to documents from the court obtained by ESPN, Floyd was contacted on Monday after a review of alcohol monitoring reports indicated a missed test, as

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    5 Best NFL Offseason Moves

    NFL writer Frank Schwab counts down the best NFL moves this offseason.