Jackson not hesitant to roll dice on Palmer

Michael Silver
Yahoo! SportsOctober 19, 2011

Back in the 1980s, the NFL's faux free agency rules mandated that raiding a veteran from another team's roster would cost a pair of first-round draft picks. Though some of the league's best players theoretically were there for the taking, signings were as rare as rock songs without synthesizer because the price was considered so prohibitive.

As one general manager put it at the time, "I wouldn't trade two No. 1s for God." Such was the blatant overvaluing of first-round draft selections that, if anything, has become even more pronounced in today's NFL.

And yet: On Tuesday, the Raiders traded either a pair of No. 1s (on the condition they make the AFC title game in either of the next two seasons) or a 1 and a 2 for Carson Palmer(notes), a human being who has looked anything but supreme in recent years.

It's a deal so seemingly lopsided that Bengals fans are openly celebrating, some even calling owner Mike Brown a "genius."

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If this were your fantasy league, the commissioner might have voided the trade because the compensation was so out of whack.

This, however, is reality – and the post-Al Davis Raiders are really, really committed to excellence, with a premium on immediacy.

With rookie coach Hue Jackson apparently calling the shots, the Raiders are very much in the moment, of the moment. And when starting quarterback Jason Campbell(notes) broke his collarbone in Sunday's 24-17 victory over the Browns, their reality changed in dramatic fashion.

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Jackson reacted aggressively. He wanted Palmer, a player he'd previously coached at USC and interacted with in Cincinnati as part of Marvin Lewis' staff. Though the quarterback turns 32 in December and is coming off a highly disappointing season, Jackson wasn't dissuaded. He didn't get scared off by the ligament and tendon tears in Palmer's throwing arm that prematurely ended his 2008 season and, some speculate, may have carried over to his struggles throughout 2010.

To his credit, Jackson didn't get scared off by the Bengals' repeated assertion that they wouldn't trade Palmer – who'd essentially disowned the team after last season – because Brown wouldn't do so as a matter of principle. Jackson had a relationship with Brown from his time in Cincinnati and correctly surmised that, for the Bengals' owner (and so many others), everything has a price.

The visceral reaction of many analysts was that this was a move Davis would have loved. Because Davis had a penchant for bold, against-the-grain decisions – and given that Palmer is a strong-armed, former No. 1 overall selection looking to resurrect his career – I can understand that perception.

However, I actually believe the opposite: Davis, who died earlier this month, likely wouldn't have signed off on such a trade. The man was a pragmatist, and he didn't relish the notion of the football world believing he'd been fleeced in any deal. "Just win, baby" extended to trade terms, and on paper, this was a big victory for Brown.

Raiders' first round draft picks since 1991

Year Pick Player Pos. Years
2011 None - -
2010 8 Rolando McClain(notes) LB 2
2009 7 Darrius Heyward-Bey(notes) WR 3
2008 4 Darren McFadden(notes) RB 4
2007 1 JaMarcus Russell(notes) QB 3
2006 7 Michael Huff(notes) DB 6
2005 23 Fabian Washington(notes) DB 3
2004 2 Robert Gallery(notes) T 7
2003 31 Nnamdi Asomugha(notes) DB 8
2003 32 Tyler Brayton(notes) DE 5
2002 17 Phillip Buchanon(notes) DB 3
2002 23 Napoleon Harris(notes) LB 3
2001 28 * Derrick Gibson DB 6
2000 17 Sebastian Janikowski(notes) K 12
1999 18 * Matt Stinchcomb G 4
1998 4 Charles Woodson(notes) DB 8
1998 23 Mo Collins G 6
1997 2 Darrell Russell DT 5
1996 9 Rickey Dudley TE 5
1995 18 Napoleon Kaufman RB 6
1994 22 Rob Fredrickson LB 4
1993 12 Patrick Bates DB 2
1992 16 Chester McGlockton DT 6
1991 24 Todd Marinovich QB 2

* Missed a full season of games

Jackson is different. For better or worse, the man just doesn't give a damn. His team is 4-2 and very much in contention for a division title and beyond, and suddenly it was all in danger of slipping away. Kyle Boller(notes), Campbell's backup, wasn't a viable option. He wanted Palmer, and he did what it took to get him.

I wrote back in August that Jackson had a lot of bravado, and some big plans for the 2011 Raiders. It was obvious then that he wasn't especially patient. "It's time to take the next step," he said. "The time is now. People say we're two players away, three players away – no, I'm preaching now."

With Davis no longer there to make the big decisions, and with no general manager in place, Jackson is filling the power vacuum and putting that philosophy into practice. He doesn't care if it seems crazy. It makes perfect sense to him, and he's betting on himself.

Personally, I have my doubts, but I'm also a huge Palmer fan and can see how he might flourish in Oakland. The emergence of Darren McFadden as an elite halfback should give Palmer a chance to feast on play-action passes, and speedy young receivers Denarius Moore(notes), Jacoby Ford(notes) and, yes, Darrius Heyward-Bey should provide separation and after-the-catch explosiveness.

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Best of all, Jackson is a terrific play-caller who'll likely put Palmer in position to maximize his abilities. This could be a great marriage, even a Super one.

As for the draft choices, yes, the Raiders will surely miss them. Given that Oakland is now without its picks in the first four rounds of the 2012 draft, having spent three of them on quarterbacks (Palmer, Campbell and rookie Terrelle Pryor(notes)), its war room next April may be more boring than C-SPAN.

Jackson, however, is not a draftnik. He gets what so many fans don't – that while it's important and exciting to acquire young players who'll replenish and invigorate your roster, these selections are by no means an exact science. Ultimately, jobs will be decided and respect will be earned on the football field, not in some pouffy-haired analyst's imagination.

Besides, Davis left the Raiders with a ton of talented players, and Jackson is supremely confident in his ability to coach any of the men at his disposal.

Remember, if the draft were as unassailable and pivotal as commonly portrayed, the Raiders wouldn't have been so quarterback-needy in the first place. Taking JaMarcus Russell first overall in 2007 was supposed to solidify the quarterback position for a decade or more, and it all washed away in a sea of purple drank.

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Going back even further, remember when Davis traded Jon Gruden to the Buccaneers following the 2001 season? Upon parting with his coach, Davis was lauded for getting such a bounty, which included two first-round picks and a pair of second-round selections.

What happened to those specific picks is complicated, because of subsequent trades made by the Raiders, but this is basically what they netted: Cornerback Phillip Buchanon (later dealt for linebacker Kirk Morrison(notes)), offensive lineman Langston Walker(notes), defensive end Tyler Brayton, cornerback Fabian Washington and some guys you've never heard of.

The rest of the trade's impact, however, is quite familiar: Oakland made the Super Bowl the following year under Bill Callahan, only to get annihilated by Gruden's Bucs, who seemed to know the Raiders' game plan better than they did. An unprecedented run of futility (seven consecutive seasons with 11 or more losses) followed, as well as a streak of non-winning seasons that Jackson finally seems poised to end.

On Sunday night, he decided that his best chance of doing that involved acquiring Palmer, and he set out to make it happen, draft choices be damned.

"I'm here to win," Jackson said Tuesday night via text message. "Nothing less and nothing more."

One way or the other, his quest to do so will be fascinating to watch. And speaking of compelling theater, here's our weekly, query-tinged trip through the NFL's version of an inverted pyramid, with a mind-blowing Bay Area combo near the top.

1. Green Bay Packers: Anyone want to bet that the "running joke" A.J. Hawk(notes) cited as the explanation for his middle-finger salute to his own sideline Sunday wasn't actually a joke?

Chad Ochocinco(notes) has just 9 catches this season.
(Getty Images)

2. New England Patriots: If he gets any less run in the Pats' offense, will Chad Ochocinco change his name to "Mud"?

3. Baltimore Ravens: If they don't significantly improve their red-zone offense, will it bite them come playoff time?

4. San Francisco 49ers: Has Jim Harbaugh tried out that "apologies seem like excuses" line on his wife, Sarah – and, if so, how's that working for him?

5. Oakland Raiders: When Campbell said on Monday that he could be back from his broken collarbone in six weeks "if everything goes right," should he have added, "Or I'll be back never if everything goes wrong – for example, the Raiders trading two first-round picks for my replacement"?

6. Detroit Lions: If the Lions and 49ers hook up in a playoff rematch, can I get a ringside seat?

7. New Orleans Saints: When Sean Payton described Jimmy Graham(notes) as an "impact player" to me at training camp in Oxnard, Calif., this summer, is it safe to assume Sunday's collision wasn't what he had in mind?

TE Jake Ballard(notes) has 8 grabs and 1 TD in the past two games.
(AP Photo)

8. New York Giants: With apologies to his predecessor – and a dude named Bruce – is Jake Ballard Jersey's new Boss?

9. Buffalo Bills: Yo, Ralph Wilson – now that C.J. Spiller(notes) is so unimportant as a running back that he's lining up at wide receiver, should your draft-day gloating from 2010 be repackaged as parody?

10. Pittsburgh Steelers: When Troy Polamalu(notes) violated NFL rules by talking to his wife on the phone during Sunday's game, why didn't he just hide the device in his hair?

11. Dallas Cowboys: What sags more noticeably – Dez Bryant's(notes) friend's pants at the mall, or the receiver's second-half production this season?

12. New York Jets: Isn't it heartwarming how beating an awful team can help Santonio Holmes(notes) and Brandon Moore go from bickering teammates to BFFs?

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Who's more likely to have a row in London this week – Raheem Morris and Aqib Talib(notes) or Noel and Liam Gallagher?

14. Houston Texans: Is "Kubiaverage" too harsh a nickname, or is Houston Chronicle columnist Jerome Solomon accurately assessing the record of the local head coach?

15. San Diego Chargers: With so many of his former teams (49ers, Bills, Bengals) thriving this season, wouldn't it be cool if Takeo Spikes(notes) finally got to play in the postseason?

16. Chicago Bears: How fortunate is the 52-year-old man who allegedly slapped Devin Hester(notes) at an Illinois casino Friday night that he didn't pull the same stunt on Jim Schwartz?

17. Tennessee Titans: Wait – Matt Hasselbeck's(notes) freshman team at Xaverian Brothers High School seriously never punted?

Santana Moss(notes) supports Rex Grossman(notes).
(Getty Images)

18. Washington Redskins: Does Santana Moss think Rexy is sexy, or does he just know something we don't about John Beck(notes)?

19. Cincinnati Bengals: Yo, Mike Brown – can you go over that whole "he gave us his word" thing in light of the fact that yours apparently isn't stronger than oak, either?

20. Atlanta Falcons: Am I the only one who's surprised that John Abraham(notes) ranks second on the all-time sack list for active NFL players?

21. Philadelphia Eagles: Did the Wide Nine get deep-sixed – and, if so, what took so long?

22. Carolina Panthers: Why do I get the feeling that Cam Newton(notes) will be taking out his anger on opponents in the final weeks of the season?

23. Seattle Seahawks: How hard was Pete Carroll laughing at the end of the 49ers-Lions game on Sunday – and how many "What's your deal?" texts did he get by night's end?

24. Cleveland Browns: Is there any Browns skill player who is happy with the way Pat Shurmur is using him?

25. Kansas City Chiefs: After breaking his thumb in a training camp fight with Thomas Jones(notes), wouldn't it be nice if No. 1 draft pick Jonathan Baldwin(notes) could fight his way onto the field?

26. Denver Broncos: Now that Brandon Lloyd(notes) is gone, will former first-round draft pick Demaryius Thomas(notes) finally start playing to his potential – and, if given a choice, would the Broncos rather have Raiders rookie (and fifth-round pick) Denarius Moore?

Christian Ponder(notes) got a taste of the action against the Bears.
(AP Photo)

27. Minnesota Vikings: Now that Christian Ponder is the Vikings' starter, why do I get the distinct feeling that Joe Webb(notes) will soon become a fan favorite?

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28. Arizona Cardinals: Do Cardinals fans really want to see Ken Whisenhunt get angry, or do they just miss this guy?

29. Jacksonville Jaguars: How awkward would it be if Al Irby were to represent the Jags' top pick in the 2012 draft – and how fun would it be to sit in on those negotiations?

30. Indianapolis Colts: On the Saints' first kickoff of Sunday night's Super Bowl XLIV rematch at the Superdome, how many Indy players will scream "Watch out for the onside kick!"?

31. Miami Dolphins: Is Stephen Ross trying to get to the bottom of my annual owner rankings, or does it just seem that way?

32. St. Louis Rams: While congratulating themselves on the Brandon Lloyd trade, did the folks in the Rams' front office question the fact that they waited 18 months after drafting Sam Bradford(notes) to acquire an elite receiver?

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