Houston Texans

  • Passing Yards
    239.6 PYPG
  • Rushing Yards
    108.2 RYPG
  • Yards Per Game
    347.8 YPG
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    Why hasn't Darron Lee signed his rookie contract?

    Jets training camp begins in three days, yet first-round LB Darron Lee still has not signed his rookie contract, making him one of only three first-round draft picks who have yet to sign. The sticking point appears to be the fourth-year guarantee. Players chosen in the first round from picks one through 19 receive fully guaranteed salaries in their fourth year. Lee undoubtedly wants his fourth-year (about $1.8 million) guaranteed. However, the rookie linebacker was selected with the 20th overall pick, meaning the Jets do not have to fully guarantee his fourth year. The Houston Texans gave 21st overall pick Will Fuller a fully guaranteed $1.836 million, according to ESPN. Fuller is represented

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    NFL: 7 Worst Free Agency Contracts of the 2016 Offseason

    The amount of money that gets thrown around during the NFL’s free agency period is mind-blowing. Suh was joined by cornerback Darrelle Revis (five years, $70.1 million with the New York Jets), wide receiver Jeremy Maclin (five years, $55 million with the Kansas City Chiefs), and tight end Julius Thomas (five years, $46 million with the Jacksonville Jaguars) as the biggest winners during the 2015 free agency period. While this quartet of players performed relatively well (when healthy) in the first year of their mega-deals, it can be argued that none of them actually lived up to the expectations that come with contracts of that magnitude. With that being said, here is our take on the seven worst free agency contracts of the 2016 offseason. 1.