Denver Broncos

AFC West | 0-0
  • Passing Yards
    248.1 PYPG
  • Rushing Yards
    107.4 RYPG
  • Yards Per Game
    355.5 YPG
  • Field Gulls

    Imagining Seattle's next big fish

    The NFL has officially reached its dark period, with the most notable transaction of the past week being a kicker getting released. With the seemingly constantly active league hitting a lull, it's a good time to leave the NFL world and enter a hypothetical world. A world where last offseason's big addition, Jimmy Graham, fails to live up to his expectations in 2016. If you'll allow me to, let me set the scene for you; it's March 2017, Jimmy Graham has been released after a disappointing season and the rumor mills are a churnin'. Who could be the next star to potentially land in Seattle following the failed additions of both Percy Harvin and Jimmy Graham?  Here's some possibilities: Jeffery and

  • Yardbarker

    Peyton Manning says he will be rooting for six teams in 2016

    Peyton Manning’s retirement from the NFL has apparently increased his fandom of the league.  The former Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback revealed earlier this week that he’ll be rooting for six different teams this fall.  Those teams: Broncos, Colts, Giants, Texans, Dolphins and Lions. Manning played for the Broncos and the Colts, so those two teams aren’t a surprise. Neither are the Giants, since Manning’s brother, Eli, plays for them. Brock Osweiler, Manning’s backup for four seasons in Denver, is now with the Texans, so that makes, sense, too.  There’s a connection with the Dolphins and Lions as well, as they’re lead by two of Manning’s former coaches in Adam Gase and Jim