New Orleans Saints

  • Passing Yards
    310.6 PYPG
  • Rushing Yards
    93.2 RYPG
  • Yards Per Game
    403.8 YPG
  • New Orleans Saints: Is the team evolving or devolving?

    New Orleans Saints: Is the team evolving or devolving?

    The New Orleans Saints held their first training camp practice Thursday, ready to atone for back-to-back seasons of 8-8 and 7-9 and make another run at the playoffs. But following a second straight remaking of the roster, the Saints have a lot of questions at many positions -- leaving a lot of unknowns going into their first full week of camp. "There are certain areas we're paying attention to, but I don't know if we would sit down and list specifically (areas of concern)," Saints coach Sean Payton said during a pre-camp news conference. After a strong 2013 season, the Saints were expected to be a contender for the NFC title in 2014 until their defense took a major step backward and they finished 8-8.

  • 'Gleason' leaves a lot for us to fill in
    The Christian Science Monitor

    'Gleason' leaves a lot for us to fill in

    The documentary “Gleason,” a big Sundance hit, is difficult to watch – and that’s the point. It’s about Steve Gleason, the NFL standout with the New Orleans Saints who, three years after his retirement in 2008, was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). Six weeks later, his wife, Michel, discovered she was pregnant. Because Gleason was told that his ability to speak would imminently be lost, he began filming video diaries addressed to his unborn child, his first. These videos are the film’s emotional core. Director Clay Tweel utilizes home movies and football game footage of Gleason at various points in his pre-diagnosis life, but we didn’t even need these to highlight his physical decline.