High Fives: Accentuating the negative

Brandon Funston
Yahoo! Sports' trio of fantasy experts will each offer up, on a regular basis, a look at their top five lists dealing with a variety of topics.

This week's topics: Accentuating the negatives at the quarterback, running back and wide receiver positions, NFL relocation/contraction (sure to be a can of worms), and potential future sites for NFL expansion/relocation.

5 worst starting QBs for fantasy football
Brandon Says: Mike Says: Matt Says:
  1. Trent Dilfer, Cle

    The Browns won't throw unless they absolutely have to

  2. A.J. Feeley, Mia
  3. Alex Smith, SF

    631 rushing yards, 10 rush TDs last season for Utes suggests he may sometimes make something happen with his legs

  4. Kyle Boller, Bal

    He has some talent around him, he just doesn't have much talent in him

  5. Drew Bledsoe, Dal
  1. Alex Smith, SF

    He'll enjoy playing with Eric Johnson, but another rebuilding year is in the offing

  2. Trent Dilfer, Cle

    Super Bowl win is a long time ago. Tough first year for Romeo Crennel

  3. Gus Frerotte, Mia

    Or A.J. Feeley? It really doesn't matter

  4. Patrick Ramsey, Was

    Steady diet of Clinton Portis forthcoming. Mark Brunell is looking over his shoulder

  5. Brian Griese, TB
  1. A.J. Feeley, Mia

    Recently talked to an Oregon grad who said, "Feeley never really played there." Someday, the same might be said of his time with the Dolphins

  2. Alex Smith, SF

    Could be in for a David Carr-like introduction to life in the NFL.

  3. Trent Dilfer, Cle
  4. Drew Bledsoe, Dal

    Dallas may well be a playoff team, but they won't be carried by the arm (or legs) of Bledsoe

  5. J.P. losman, Buf
5 worst starting RBs for fantasy football
Brandon Says: Mike Says: Matt Says:
  1. Kevan Barlow, SF

    3.4 ypc in '04 means he now has to look at Gore over his shoulder

  2. Duce Staley, Pit

    Knee woes, and no love at the goal line. No thanks

  3. Fred Taylor, Jac

    With a 6-TD average in past 3 years, why gamble on knee?

  4. Chris Brown, Ten

    I have teammate Travis Henry higher on my board

  5. Cedric Benson, Chi

    His holdout is just going to give Thomas Jones more traction

  1. Fred Taylor, Jac

    Always skeptical that he'll make it through a full season. His knee keeps me away

  2. Michael Bennett, Min

    Even without Onterrio Smith, still too many hands in the cookie jar

  3. Lee Suggs, Cle
  4. Kevan Barlow, SF
  5. Ronnie Brown, Mia

    Fearful that Ricky Williams pilfers carries and goal-line opportunities starting in October

  1. Chris Brown, Ten

    Prediction: fumbles lost total will exceed touchdown output

  2. Ronnie Brown, Mia

    Pick your reason: Ricky Williams, poor offensive line, shaky QB

  3. Kevan Barlow, SF
  4. Cedric Benson, Chi

    Chicago skill players are the football equivalent of Colorado Rockies starting pitchers

  5. Fred Taylor, Jac
5 worst go-to (team's No. 1) WRs for fantasy football
Brandon Says: Mike Says: Matt Says:
  1. Dez White, Atl

    If you've picked a Falcons WR in your draft, you're probably a relative of that player

  2. Brandon Lloyd

    See above

  3. Braylon Edwards, Cle

    See above

  4. Santana Moss, Was

    Gibbs trying to get a "Smurfs" thing going again at wideout, and I've got my doubts

  5. Plaxico Burress, NYG

    If he thought Steelers were conservative …

  1. Johnnie Morton, SF

    Or is it Brandon Lloyd? Whoever it is, I'm not buying

  2. Keyshawn Johnson, Dal

    He'll make catches, but won't find the painted grass

  3. Chris Chambers, Mia
  4. Laveranues Coles, NYJ

    Still worried about Chad Pennington's shoulder, despite reports

  5. Drew Bennett, Ten

    Excelled in the No. 2 role opposite Derrick Mason. He'll need someone to step up …

  1. Keyshawn Johnson, Dal

    A decent guy to have in point-per-reception leagues, but doesn't have No. 1 big-play skills

  2. Brandon Lloyd, SF

    Fetched a whopping six bucks in a recent auction draft. Might be an overpay

  3. Derrick Mason, Bal
  4. Eric Moulds, Buf

    Been a nice run for Moulds, but career might hit the spike strips with a rookie QB at the helm

  5. Eddie Kennison
5 NFL teams to relocate/contract, if it was mandated
Brandon Says: Mike Says: Matt Says:
  1. New York Jets

    Don't worry, I wouldn't have them move that far (see topic below)

  2. Jacksonville Jaguars

    Small market, and Florida doesn't need three teams

  3. Oakland Raiders

    Build a new stadium in Fremont (halfway between Oakland and San Jose), and the blackouts will end

  4. New Orleans Saints

    Los Angeles Saints works better than Utah Jazz

  5. Indianapolis Colts

    They stole Baltimore's team, they play in a dome, they're bottom feeders in attendance, the Midwest has plenty of teams, and it's a basketball state at heart

  1. Arizona Cardinals

    Dennis Green has something brewing in the desert, but this is about long-term woes

  2. New Orleans Saints

    Just make the city the official host of the Super Bowl and be done with it

  3. New York Giants/Jets

    Someone should play in the state, right?

  4. Jacksonville Jaguars
  5. Cincinnati Bengals
  1. Arizona Cardinals

    They could hold the fan protest rally at a local Starbucks – without interrupting business

  2. Oakland Raiders

    Would rather stroll the streets of Baghdad blaring "Born in the USA" on a boom box than mix it up with the Raider Nation while wearing enemy colors

  3. Philadelphia Eagles

    Like to see Michael Irvin buy the team and pack 'em up overnight

  4. Jacksonville Jaguars

    Quick, what's the greatest moment in Jags history?

  5. Dallas Cowboys
5 cities that should be next in line for an NFL team
Brandon Says: Mike Says: Matt Says:
  1. Las Vegas

    I wouldn't give LV a team, but I'm suggesting they build a stadium, call it the Super Bowl, and host the game there every year. C'mon, NFL, this would be HUGE!

  2. Toronto

    A good-will move, giving Canada a token representative in each of the Big 3 sports

  3. Los Angeles

    Deserving or not, the market is too big to be vacant

  4. Brooklyn

    Enough of the Jets and Giants both playing in NJ, move the Jets to Brooklyn

  5. Portland

    A nice little rivalry for Seattle. Memphis and San Antonio also on my short list

  1. Las Vegas

    Great entertainers belong here: The Rat Pack, Elvis, Newton, Owens

  2. Los Angeles

    I know there's politics and multiple issues here. The absence still confuses me

  3. Norman, OK
  4. Lincoln, NE
  5. Portland, OR

    Trying to help some recently relocated friends

  1. Las Vegas

    For all the obvious reasons

  2. Los Angeles
  3. Portland, OR

    Good sports town deserves more than one major pro team

  4. Sacramento, CA
  5. Edmonton, Alberta

    Eskimos perenially lead the CFL in attendance

Reader response to last week's High Fives
Top films with Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson and none of you chose "Royal Tenenbaums?" Amazing. What, did you just start watching movies this year? – Josh, Scaggsville, MD

In the last High Fives column, when talking about players that have been screwed out of being in the Hall of Fame, I understand why nobody put Pete Rose (on the list), though he does deserve to be in there, but why would nobody even come close to mentioning Dominique Wilkins – clearly one of the 50 best players in the league's history and the only player who has given the Hawks respectability since the days of Bob Pettit. I figured he'd be No. 1 on some guy's list, but he wasn't even in the top 5 in any of your lists … and you call yourselves sports writers. – John

In your High Fives article, Mike Harmon states: "Roger Craig – The back who changed how the position was used …" Bill Walsh saw how Bud Grant utilized the talents of Chuck Foreman. Craig does belong in the HOF, however he was not the protoype for the West Coast offense. Keep up the good work, I really enjoy your articles. – Keith, Barre, VT

No "Royal Tenenbaums" on your Owen Wilson/Vince Vaughn list? Have you ever seen that movie? Eli Cash is the best Owen Wilson character ever. Do the words, "Wildcat was written in a kind of obsolete vernacular," mean anything to you? Gah! – Dan, Santa Barbara, CA

Ca-caw, ca-caw. I don't have a question, rather a comment. I just wanted to say that you (Funston) are the only one that nailed the "High Fives: Backs to the Future." "Bottle Rocket" is by far a top 3 Owen/Vaughn movie. I don't know why it is not No. 1 on your lists. That's Applejack! Come on! – Stephen