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Final mock draft

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  • 1. Chicago Bulls – Derrick Rose, PG, 19, 6-3, 190 pounds (Memphis freshman): Chicago appeases the locals by taking the player that fits the culture and direction of its organization. He also brings an incredible amount of talent to the table.

  • 2. Miami HeatMichael Beasley, PF, 19, 6-9, 235 pounds (Kansas State freshman): Are the Heat really brave enough to pass on taking the leading candidate for Rookie of the Year honors?

  • 3. Minnesota Timberwolves – O.J. Mayo, PG/SG, 20, 6-5, 195 pounds (USC freshman): Mayo adds talent to a backcourt that had high expectations but has done very little thus far. This pick also could be in play.

  • 4. Seattle SuperSonics– Eric Gordon, SG, 19, 6-3, 215 pounds (Indiana freshman): The Sonics have talked with the Clippers about swapping No. 4 for 7. If the Clippers land this, they’ll probably want Gordon. The Sonics have debated between Brook Lopez and Russell Westbrook.

  • 5. Memphis Grizzlies – Kevin Love, PF/C, 19, 6-9, 255 pounds (UCLA freshman): The Grizzlies could take Love here but also have been heavy in trade discussions.

  • 6. New York KnicksDanilo Gallinari, SF, 19, 6-9, 209 pounds (Armani Jeans Milano, international): Gallinari is the first cornerstone of Donnie Walsh and Mike D’Antoni’s extensive rebuilding effort.

  • 7. Los Angeles Clippers – Brook Lopez, C, 20, 7-0, 260 pounds (Stanford sophomore): The Sonics had been debating between Lopez and Russell Westbrook, both of whom could fall to here if Seattle swaps picks with Clippers.

  • 8. Milwaukee Bucks – Russell Westbrook, PG/SG, 19, 6-3, 187 pounds (UCLA sophomore): The Bucks don’t have need for Joe Alexander after trading for Richard Jefferson. Westbrook always had been ranked tops on their board anyway.

  • 9. Charlotte Bobcats – Anthony Randolph, SF/PF, 18, 6-11, 220 pounds (LSU freshman): Larry Brown likes D.J. Augustin, but Randolph could be a special talent if given time to develop.

  • 10. New Jersey Nets – Joe Alexander, 21, 6-8, 230 pounds (West Virginia junior): The Nets had been high on Alexander after his workout. Now they have a need for him after trading Richard Jefferson.

  • 11. Indiana Pacers – Jerryd Bayless, PG/SG, 6-3, 199: A bit of a drop for Bayless, but he could get minutes in Indiana if the Pacers continue to retool their roster.

  • 12. Sacramento Kings – D.J. Augustin, PG, 20 , 5-11, 175 pounds (Texas sophomore): With Mike Bibby gone and Beno Udrih a free agent, the Kings find their PG of the future in Augustin.

  • 13. Portland Trail Blazers – Donte Greene, SF/PF, 20, 6-10, 220 pounds (Syracuse freshman): The Blazers have time to let Greene develop.

  • 14. Golden State Warriors – Jason Thompson, C, 21, 6-11, 250 pounds (Rider senior): Thompson has been a fast riser, and the Warriors reportedly have been interested.

  • 15. Phoenix Suns (from Atlanta) – Brandon Rush, SG/SF, 22, 6-7, 211 pounds (Kansas junior): GM Steve Kerr wants greater emphasis on defense, and Rush just happens to be one of the best defenders you’ll find on the board.

  • 16. Philadelphia 76ers – Darrell Arthur, PF, 20, 6-9, 215 (Kansas sophomore): Sixers go looking for a little muscle, despite some concerns over Arthur’s health.

  • 17. Indiana Pacers – (from Toronto) – Kosta Koufos, C, 19, 7-1, 245 pounds (Ohio State freshman): The Pacers get this pick in the Jermaine O’Neal trade and get some size in Koufos.

  • 18. Washington Wizards – Robin Lopez, PF/C, 20, 7-0, 255 pounds (Stanford sophomore): The Wizards are in position to draft the best player available, and Lopez gives them a solid post defender.

  • 19. Cleveland Cavaliers – JaVale McGee, C, 20, 7-0, 237 (Nevada sophomore): McGee will need time to develop, but the Cavs still have Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

  • 20. Charlotte Bobcats (from Denver) – Roy Hibbert, C, 21, 7-2, 272 pounds (Georgetown senior): After acquiring this pick from the Nuggets, the Bobcats go big and get a shot blocker in Hibbert.

  • 21. New Jersey Nets (from Dallas) – DeAndre Jordan, C, 19, 7-0, 260 (Texas A&M freshman): The Nets need size and are yearning for an athlete who can play both frontcourt positions.

  • 22. Orlando Magic – Courtney Lee, SG/SF, 22, 6-5, 200 pounds (Western Kentucky senior): The Magic have been looking for a quality SG for some time now, and Lee is a high-character, extremely versatile defender who can space the floor for Dwight Howard.

  • 23. Utah Jazz – Alexis Ajinca, C, 20, 7-1, 225 (Hyeres Toulon, international): Jazz want a shot blocker, and Ajinca graded well at Eurocamp.

  • 24. Seattle SuperSonics (from Phoenix) – J.J. Hickson, PF, 19, 6-9, 242 (N.C. State freshman): The Sonics add to their young core.

  • 25. Houston Rockets – Chris Douglas-Roberts, SG/SF, 21, 6-7, 200 pounds (Memphis junior): The Rockets are looking at slashing wing players who are tough and can defend, and CDR surely fits the bill.

  • 26. San Antonio Spurs – Nicolas Batum, SF, 19, 6-8, 214 (Le Mans Sarthe Basket, international): The French forward’s medical reports reportedly came back clear one day before he worked out for the Spurs.

  • 27. Portland Trail Blazers (from New Orleans) – Mario Chalmers, PG, 22, 6-1, 190 pounds (Kansas junior): The Blazers bought this pick from the Hornets. If they don’t draft an international player to leave overseas, Chalmers could help strengthen their point guard stable.

  • 28. Memphis Grizzlies (from L.A. Lakers) – Marreese Speights, PF/C, 20, 6-10, 245 (Florida sophomore): Memphis needs all the size it can get, and Speights eventually could give them that.

  • 29. Detroit Pistons – Nathan Jawai, C, 21, 6-10, 282 pounds (Cairns Taipans, international): The Pistons add some bulk to their lineup, but when he will be ready to contribute?

  • 30. Boston Celtics – Sergei Ibaka, PF, 18, 6-10, 220 pounds (CB L’Hospitalet, international): Ibaka’s agent asked teams not to draft him in the first round because he’ll be staying overseas, but that could be a smokescreen to direct him to a specific team.

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