Big Board: Basketball

Brandon Funston
Yahoo! SportsJanuary 22, 2010

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The Big Board takes into consideration past returns, current performance and expected future gains in determining who should be included among the top 50 fantasy basketball players. Essentially, the Big Board is a cheat sheet designed for a fantasy owner who is planning to participate in a draft today. Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Basketball default scoring settings are used as the baseline for the Big Board, which is updated on a regular basis.

Big Board 50: Basketball
Rank Player Stock Pvs.
1 LeBron James(notes), Cle, SF Enjoying a career year -- only his TOs are a negative roto value 2
2 Chris Paul(notes), NO, PG Loses No. 1 spot to LBJ, but feel free to consider Paul No. 1b 1
3 Kevin Durant(notes), OKC, GF Top 3 in Y! despite 3rd-most negatively impacting TO mark 4
4 Dirk Nowitzki(notes), Dal, PF What can you say about Dirk except, "Same as he ever was" 5
5 Kobe Bryant(notes), LAL, SG His owners turning more and more religious as injuries mount 3
6 Dwyane Wade(notes), Mia, G Happy New Year: Has been a top 10 roto value since January 1 6
7 Steve Nash(notes), Pho, PG Assist leader has top FG% among Guards, top FT% among all 7
8 Gerald Wallace(notes), Cha, F Only LBJ and Paul better in roto (avg) since mid-November 17
9 Chris Bosh(notes), Tor, FC Currently the NBA leader in double-doubles 9
10 Danny Granger(notes), Ind, F W/ Foot woes behind him (knock on wood) FG% now main issue 8
11 Brook Lopez(notes), NJ, C He's the Tim Duncan(notes) for the next generation of roto hoopsters 14
12 Pau Gasol(notes), LAL, PF,C Back from 2nd hammy hiatus, and early returns are solid 12
13 Amar'e Stoudemire(notes),Pho,FC Looking more like old self of late -- top 20 roto value in 2010 13
14 Carmelo Anthony(notes), Den, SF Charity stripe work major factor in career-high 30 PPG pace 11
15 Jason Kidd(notes), Dal, PG Top 5 distributor also 1 of 6 w/ both 1.5 steals and treys 16
16 Chauncey Billups(notes), Den, PG Has brought top 5 roto game in 1st 7 games back from groin injury, 23
17 Brandon Roy(notes), Por, GF Sore hammy (out for a week) has derailed his recent hot streak 10
18 Tim Duncan, SA, PF,C Some indications he may start to sit some on 2nd of back-to-backs 15
19 Deron Williams(notes), Utah, PG Despite sore wrist, has delivered top 20 roto value in January 26
20 Paul Pierce(notes), Bos, GF Dialed in from everywhere (charity stripe, beyond the arc ...) 19
21 Andre Iguodala(notes), Phi, GF Master thief is modestly improving his FG% each month 20
22 David Lee(notes), NY, FC Avg. 20 pts, 12 reb, 5 ast in January 22
23 Marcus Camby(notes), LAC, PFC On pace for 7th straight season with 10+ rebounds, 2+ blocks 21
24 Al Jefferson(notes), Min, PFC Not back to pre-ACL form, but Jan. splits show he's getting close 24
25 Monta Ellis(notes), GS, G Has returned a top 10 roto value in non-TO league set-ups 34
26 Joe Johnson(notes), Atl, G Off the mark in January (.421 FG%, .667 FT%) 18
27 Rajon Rondo(notes), Bos, G Top 3 AST, STL value, and No. 2 FG% value among G (.527) 28
28 Carlos Boozer(notes), Utah, PFC Top 12 in FG% value and 3rd in double-doubles 25
29 Kevin Martin(notes), Sac, SG Understandably, off the mark (.389) in 1st 4 games back (wrist) 27
30 Zach Randolph(notes), Mem, PFC Most all his roto stats at, or near, career-best levels 29
31 Al Horford(notes), Atl, PFC Eliminate AST, STL and 3s and he's a top 6 roto value 30
32 Antawn Jamison(notes), Was, F Avg. 25 pts, 9 reb, 1.7 3s in 9 Jan. games w/o Arenas 31
33 Baron Davis(notes), LAC, PG Major boon: FT% is well above career high levels 32
34 Josh Smith(notes), Atl, GF Leads league in combined per game Steals/Blocks (3.6) 33
35 Troy Murphy(notes), Ind, PFC Top 25 roto value (avg.), but health has robbed him of 10 games 38
36 Stephen Curry(notes), GS, G Has returned a top 25 roto value in the new year 41
37 Tyreke Evans(notes), Sac, G Wanted to see how he'd do w/ K-Mart, and it's been all good -
38 Jose Calderon(notes), Tor, PG Is getting his groove back and should be starting again soon 39
39 Nene Hilario(notes), Den, PFC Efficient, hustle board game has him bunkered down in Y! top 25 36
40 David West(notes), NO, PF Past 13: 21 ppg, 9 rpg, 1.2 spg, .549 FG%, .854 FT% 45
41 Kevin Garnett(notes), Bos, F He's back (knee), but kid glove treatment likely to stick 40
42 Kevin Love(notes), Min, PFC Strep throat a minor hiccup for double-double machine 42
43 Danilo Gallinari(notes), NY, SF Delivering a combined 4 3s/Blocks per game in January 48
44 Andrea Bargnani(notes), Tor, FC 1 of 3 players avg. 1+ Treys, Blocks and less than 2 TOs 44
45 O.J. Mayo(notes), Mem, SG A top 12 fantasy producer since the calendar flipped -
46 Corey Maggette(notes), GS, F January: 29 ppg, 8 rpg, 4 apg, .582 FG%, .913 FT% -
47 Stephen Jackson(notes), Cha, GF Barrage of 3s and steals have led to top 10 roto value in Jan. -
48 Rudy Gay(notes), Mem, F No. 43 in Y! (avg) is rumored to be on the trading block -
49 Samuel Dalembert(notes), Phi, C Top 25 roto value past 2 months; top 5 in BLK, REB per 48 min. -
50 Caron Butler(notes), Was, GF Gets 1 last chance to rediscover top 20 skills w/ Arenas out 37