Portland State coach Bruce Barnum dropped $14K buying beer for fans during home opener

Portland State coach Bruce Barnum picked up a win during the team's home opener against Western Oregon on Saturday, but it came with a major cost. Barnum spent over $14,000 purchasing beer for Portland State fans.

This wasn't a shock to Barnum. He expected it. Barnum told fans he would buy them free beer while making a radio appearance. Fans had to say they heard Barnum appear on the program and he would cover the cost of their beer.

Turns out, Portland State fans and students can drink. Barnum posted a signed receipt from the game, which showed a final tab of $14,448.

Barnum posted that image with no caption. If he has any regrets, he's not sharing them yet.

Will Bruce Barnum continue to buy beer for fans?

Barnum hasn't stated this gesture was a one-time thing, but it's hard to see it continuing. College football coaches are compensated well, though a coach in the Big Sky Conference won't earn anywhere near as much as the coaches from the top FCS schools. It's probably not a good idea for Barnum to drop close to $15,000 a week on beer.

Given how much attention Barnum got from the stunt, maybe he'll turn it into a regular thing for the team's home opener every season. Or perhaps he'll find some type of sponsorship that will cover some of those costs.

And if the tradition doesn't continue, that's OK too. It was a pretty neat gesture, and fans should understand why it's not a sustainable one moving forward.