Top 20 free agents

Jason Cole
Yahoo! Sports

1. CB Nate Clements (Buffalo Bills): One of the few times a top corner gets free in his prime.

2. LB Adalius Thomas (Baltimore Ravens): He's the real deal. Can rush, cover and run.

3. G Kris Dielman (San Diego Chargers): From undrafted as a rookie to stunningly rich.

4. G Eric Steinbach (Cincinnati Bengals): Some teams consider him flexible enough for OT.

5. LB Cato June (Indianapolis Colts): About 50 pounds lighter than Thomas, but he can cover.

6. LB London Fletcher (Bills): One of many 30-somethings who will be paid well.

7. CB Nick Harper (Indianapolis Colts): He's not a top corner, but can still be an asset.

8. DE Dewayne White (Tampa Bay Buccaneers): Best defensive lineman on the board.

9. OT Leonard Davis (Arizona Cardinals): A big-time underachiever, but still has potential.

10. WR Kevin Curtis (St. Louis Rams): Detroit is a strong favorite to seal this deal.

11. WR Donte' Stallworth (Philadelphia Eagles): If not for injury last year, he'd be higher.

12. LB Donnie Edwards (San Diego Chargers): Like Fletcher, he's old, but he can still play.

13. FS Deon Grant (Jacksonville Jaguars): Expect Jacksonville to pass on re-signing him.

14. OT Tony Pashos (Ravens): He can only play right tackle, but that's enough.

15. RB Ahman Green (Green Bay Packers): Will get paid, even in a depressed RB market.

16. OT Marc Colombo (Dallas Cowboys): There are more injury concerns, but he's solid.

17. RB Dominic Rhodes (Colts): Hurt himself with a DUI arrest last week.

18. QB Jeff Garcia (Eagles): Would be a great backup, but is looking for a starting job.

19. C Shaun O'Hara (New York Giants): He's going to drive up the price for the Giants.

20. WR Drew Bennett (Tennessee Titans): Will get paid well, but not very consistent.

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