Vincent Kompany drops Capital One Cup trophy’s base, Samir Nasri looks horrified

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Manchester City beat Sunderland to win their first Football League Cup since 1976 and when captain Vincent Kompany was handed the trophy, he had a difficult time holding on to all of its parts. As he lifted the cup, the detachable base slipped out of his hand and tumbled to the ground as Samir Nasri watched in horror.

Kompany tried to play it off like nothing happened. After all, it was just the base. It's not like he dropped the whole thing under a move a bus.

Nasri won the man of the match award for scoring City's second goal in a two-minute span to give the quadruple chasers a 2-1 lead that was eventually extended to 3-1 before the final whistle.

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