Trivia Time: How well do you know your Cy Young winners?

(Michael Wagstaffe / Yahoo Sports)
(Michael Wagstaffe / Yahoo Sports)

There’s just something about pitchers. The best ones are almost like rock stars. We remember the iconic games and the magical seasons. These days, we watch the GIFs over and over of their nastiest pitches. And sort of like a quarterback in baseball, we argue across generations about who was the best.

One thing most of the best ones have — with apologies to the Christy Mathewsons and Walter Johnsons of the world — is the Cy Young award. Mathewson and Johnson didn’t win them because they pitched before the award was created in 1956.

In this week’s installment of Trivia Time, we’re testing your knowledge of the Cy Young award, its winners and even the man it’s named after. So let’s see what you know about Sandy Koufax, Randy Johnson, Greg Maddux, Pedro Martinez and the rest of those magical hurlers.

Well, how did you do?

12-for-12: We call that a perfect game.

9-11: You definitely got the W.

6-8: No trophy, but it was a solid effort.

5 or fewer: Call the bullpen next time!

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