Quiz: How well do you remember the 2019 baseball season?

Remember when the Washington Nationals won the World Series in seven thrilling games? That was about five and a half months ago. It feels like it was five years ago.

The world has changed a lot since then, sports have come to a near standstill and the baseball season that was upon us now is a series of proposed ideas for a season that may or may not happen amid the coronavirus shutdown.

Last baseball season? Might as well be when the Expos were still around, which got us to thinking — how well do you remember the particulars of the 2019 season?

We already reminded you that the Nats won the World Series — we’d hope you remember that — the rest is up to you.

How well do you remember the 2019 MLB season? Take the quiz. (Getty Images)
How well do you remember the 2019 MLB season? Take the quiz. (Getty Images)

Part 1: Keeping count

How well do you remember your league leaders and counting stats?

Part 2: The highs and lows

Who won the most, who got fired and who was in the cellar.

Part 3: Memorable moments

Things that will be in the history books forever.

How did you do?

All 12 correct: High-five! You’re a baseball encyclopedia.

9-11 correct: If this were the playoffs, you’d be a wild-card team. Good job.

6-10 correct: Here’s the bright side. That’s still a good batting average.

2-6 correct: Grab some pine.

0-1 correct: Well, maybe football season will start up soon?

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