ACC seeks damages in fight with FSU over school’s effort to leave conference

The ACC has filed an amended complaint and a request for a decision against Florida State in the ongoing legal battle over the school’s effort to leave the conference.

How the ACC headquarters landed in Charlotte

The Charlotte-based ACC is in separate litigation with member schools Clemson and Florida State. In each case, the schools want to leave the conference without forfeiting hundreds of millions of dollars in exit penalties and media rights. The ACC, in turn, wants the court to rule that the contracts and penalties are valid and enforceable.

Against Florida State, the ACC seeks “a permanent injunction barring Florida State from disclosing confidential information” from conference contracts with ESPN. The complaint further asks the court to prohibit Florida State from participating in conference governance “while it has a direct and material conflict of interest with the purposes and objectives of the (ACC).” And the ACC wants substantial damages awarded for Florida State’s breaches of the ACC constitution and bylaws.

The ACC wants the cases against Clemson and Florida State to be heard in Mecklenburg County, where the nonprofit conference relocated in 2023. The schools want the cases heard in their home states of South Carolina and Florida.

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