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Favre Unassisted: Very special boyish gunslinger edition

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You've already heard our take on the fantasy implications of the Brett Favre(notes) Theater of Pain™, which arrived in Minnesota on Tuesday. For Scott, it's a non-event. For me? Also a non-event. Evans considers Favre overvalued and calls him "Barbara."

So the Yahoo! experts are unusually united. Just assign Sage Rosenfels'(notes) old fantasy rank to Favre, give Visanthe Shiancoe(notes) a slight bump, then call it a day.

But there are other spins elsewhere in the fantasy community, some of them more lucid optimistic. In today's 9U, we offer a Favre sampler platter …
John Hansen sees a clear distinction between Favre and 'Fels: "Although Favre’s certainly a turnover-prone gunslinger, he’s not nearly as erratic as Rosenfels. There is a difference. … There’s a difference between being willing to pull the trigger on almost any throw and having no conscience (Favre) and at times looking like you don’t belong in the league (Rosenfels)." [Fantasy Guru]
The Hazean has already seen evidence of Favre enthusiasm gone wild: "In my first redraft of the summer last night, Favre was taken in the 8th round (*gasp*)." We would love to hear from commenters who think an eighth round selection is justified. Here are a few Mock Draft Central ADPs for you to work with: Jay Cutler(notes) 75.6, Matt Ryan(notes) 75.8, Matt Schaub(notes) 77.0, Carson Palmer(notes) 87.9, Matt Cassel(notes) 103.9, Matt Hasselbeck(notes) 110.0, Trent Edwards(notes) 144.9. [The Hazean]
When asked if he was going to "try to get out," this was Rosenfels' reaction: "I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about that. I’m just trying to get my ankle fixed right now." Yikes, Vikes. [Minneapolis Star Tribune]
Over at Bruno Boys, they're rather bullish on No. 4. Everyone gets a boost in their ranks. Ryan Longwell(notes), Darrin Nelson, Sammy White, Eddie Payton – everyone. I'm on board with this: "In fact, Shiancoe probably sees the biggest jump in value among the Vikings’ pass catchers." If Favre is anything, he's a tight end fetishist. [Bruno Boys]
This much is certainly true: "What’s scary is Favre will have a couple of weapons that talent wise may be the highest caliber of players he has ever played with. Adrian Peterson without a question will be the best running back he has played with, and Percy Harvin(notes) is a dynamic talent that we’re all waiting to see in action in the NFL." But if you're an opponent, isn't the gameplan still all about Peterson? [Not Just a Game]
FFToday upgrades various Vikes, while also questioning whether Favre can make it through a full season, given his age and the condition of his arm. The big question if you're a Vikes fan: Will the team actually sit Favre, despite the streak, if he looks like the guy we saw in the final weeks of '08? [FFToday]
Smitty (hearts) Bernard Berrian(notes). "I like Rosenfels a lot and I think he got burned in the deal, but this is a great football move for the Vikes and Berrian has guarantees at the quarterback position that other receivers in the league just don't have." [Fantasy Football Xtreme]
In the finest tradition of the American democratic process, the Favre issue has been put to a vote over at SB Nation. Not many folks are participating just yet. Your vote is your voice, citizen. Use it. [Fake Teams]
No matter what your opinion is on the Favre signing, there's absolutely no denying that it's good for business – good for ticket sales, good for the movement of merchandise. Darren Rovell has the details. [CNBC]


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