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You'll find lots of diversity on the Brett Favre(notes) adoration bus. From Madden to the Media, from Madison Avenue to There's Something About Mary, the Favre love is always flowing, no matter what the day and story is.

Oh, but you can skip most of the hardcore fantasy public. We washed our hands of this guy a while ago.

We're seven hours into the latest "Hey, Brett's coming back" story and here's a telling fact – no one has picked him up in our in-house expert league of 14 teams (we're basically the same guys who wrestle over Washington Nationals and would-be closers on a daily basis). The pointing-and-clicking of fantasy management is a cold, bottom-line business, and the third chapter of Favre's career apparently doesn't have any of us interested.

Okay, on the surface the Minnesota set-up sounds nice. Favre gets to hand off to the most dangerous back in the league in Adrian Peterson, and that should set up for plenty of juicy play-action opportunities. Bernard Berrian(notes) is a dynamite deep threat. Percy Harvin(notes) looks like a playmaker right out of the box. But the Vikings aren't getting the 1990s version of Favre here, or even the 2007 edition – the guy who signed on the bottom line Tuesday turns 40 in two months, is coming off major shoulder problems and hasn't had any time to get comfortable with his new teammates yet. The downside is there for everyone to see, but what's the real fantasy upside?

Let's not forget that Favre had a decent set up with the Jets last year, too, and the results weren't that enticing – 81.0 QB rating, 22 TDs against 22 picks, 217 yards per game. On a points-per-start basis, he ranked around 15th in a basic scoring league. You don't win fantasy titles with that sort of production from your signal caller – with those numbers, Favre isn't even driving you to the playoffs (Jets fans, you know how that story goes). Sure, Favre's numbers weren't all bad until he physically broke down in the middle of the year, but that's what generally happens to professional football players in their late 30s. And if there's one thing we've learned about Favre over the years, he'll play through any injury and keep the details to himself.

Sure, Favre already knows the Vikings offense, but timing matters. Sharpness matters. Age matters, too. It's a little surprising that Minnesota doesn't realize that Favre 3.0 probably isn't a significant upgrade over Sage Rosenfels(notes), but sometimes a player's star quality overshadows the reality of the situation. Don't make the same mistake on draft day.

The next batch of Yahoo! expert ranks are slated for next week but I'll give you a peak at my quarterback board now (all ranks subject to change). Feel free to share your own Favre slotting in the comments. I'll always admire this guy for his toughness, his rocket arm and his competitiveness, but there's no way I'm letting the fate of my make-believe teams rest on Favre's cranky shoulders in 2009.

Sentimentality has no place in our numbers racket. Do the right thing on draft night. Here's a fresh quarterback list to help you out:

1. Drew Brees(notes)
2. Tom Brady(notes)
3. Peyton Manning(notes)
4. Aaron Rodgers(notes)
5. Kurt Warner(notes)
6. Philip Rivers(notes)
7. Tony Romo(notes)
8. Matt Schaub(notes)
9. Matt Ryan(notes)
10. Donovan McNabb(notes)
11. Carson Palmer(notes)
12. Jay Cutler(notes)
13. Trent Edwards(notes)
14. Ben Roethlisberger(notes)
15. Eli Manning(notes)
16. Matt Cassel(notes)
17. Matt Hasselbeck(notes)
18. David Garrard(notes)
19. Jake Delhomme(notes)
20. Jason Campbell(notes)
21. JaMarcus Russell(notes)
22. Kyle Orton(notes)
23. Brett Favre
24. Shaun Hill(notes)
25. Joe Flacco(notes)
26. Daunte Culpepper(notes)


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