Jaylen Brown’s attitude could be hurting his marketability according to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith

Jaylen Brown is among the best players in the NBA. The Boston Celtics All-Star has emerged as a genuine offensive weapon for Joe Mazzulla’s team and is arguably a top-20 player in the world. However, Brown is often overlooked by his peers, with the latest example being his exclusion from the 2024 All-NBA teams.

According to a source who messaged Stephen A. Smith during a recent episode of ESPN’s “First Take,” Brown has an offputting attitude. His ‘I’m better than you’ demeanor hurts his reputation around the league and his marketability off the floor.

“I wanted to read to y’all what an NBA source just sent me,” Smith said. “He said, ‘Jaylen Brown. It’s not so much that he’s underrated. It’s that he just not liked because of his ‘I am better than you attitude.’ He knows it. It’s the same reason he is not as marketable as he should be.’ That’s what an NBA source just sent me.”

Irrespective of Brown’s perceived attitude issues, he has been a dominant force on both sides of the ball this season. He will likely feel aggrieved that he’s been overlooked for an All-NBA team.

Brown will likely get over his recent snubs and his apparent bad reputation within the NBA if he can help the Celtics secure a championship this season. After all, the best way to live up to an ‘I’m better than you’ mindset is to prove it by becoming a champion.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire