Dolphins star Jaelan Phillips pays $150 to have iguana evicted from his toilet

Miami Dolphins defensive star Jaelan Phillips found something, um, fishy — not exactly — in his toilet.

Phillips posted on Instagram a video of a large iguana taking a bath in his facilities.

“I just want to know if he came up through there like a Ninja Turtle, or if he was living in the garage or something,” he said after spending $150 on an exterminator to have the unwanted visitor removed.

“Man, this is some Florida bleep if I’ve ever seen it,” Phillips said in the Instagram video. “How that hell did he get in there? That man is bathing … in my toilet. And he is not a pet.

“I don’t know where he came from. That’s a grown man. You must be evicted, my friend. You are not in the right place. Did he come up through there like a Ninja Turtle? Or was he living in the garage?”

Story originally appeared on Touchdown Wire