Chloe Kim gained more than 66,000 Twitter followers in a half hour

Sam Cooper

The profile of American snowboarder Chloe Kim has risen immensely in the last week.

And even more in recent hours.

Since Kim, just 17 years old, won gold in the snowboarding halfpipe event Tuesday morning in PyeongChang, her follower count on Twitter has skyrocketed. According to Gizmodo UK, Kim had fewer than 10,000 followers when the Games began. As of this writing, she is approaching 208,000 followers.

Yes, an increase of 198,000 followers in less than a week.

But it gets better. Gizmodo tracked her follower count and is reporting that her total increased a total of 66,652 over a 30-minute span.

Pretty good, huh?

Her personality — in addition to her prodigious snowboarding skills — adds to the appeal. Between qualifying runs earlier this week, the Californian tweeted about how she was in the mood for ice cream.

Not long after, she put up a score of 95.50 while the closest score from her competition was 87.50.

Oh, and before her gold medal-winning run, she revealed that she was a bit hungry.

She then rattled off runs of 93.75 and 98.25.

It’s easy to see why Kim has become of the stars of the PyeongChang Games. To learn more about Kim, read Jeff Passan’s story here.

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