Chloe Kim is so chill she tweeted about ice cream while competing

(Reuters photo}
(Reuters photo}

With Shaun White making his swan song appearance in PyeongChang, you might be wondering who America’s next big snowboarding star will be.

Less than a week into the Winter Olympics, the answer is clear.

Chloe Kim.

The 17-year-old Californian has both the talent and personality to become a superstar. That much was evident Monday in South Korea as she posted the top scores in the women’s halfpipe qualifying while also taking the time to tweet between her two runs.

Kim’s first run was a 91.50 that she made look effortless.

While waiting for her next turn, Kim grabbed her phone and …

In any other sport, tweeting while competing is considered a no-no (except maybe NASCAR).

But Kim quickly copped to it:

Kim then went out and did this:

Her score of 95.50 absolutely dominated the field. No one else scored higher than 87.5. The finals will be held Tuesday in PyeongChang and Kim is a heavy favorite to take home the gold.

Kim’s story (she’s a first-generation Korean-American) and fun social media presence has already made her a lot of fans. Before tweeting about ice cream, she revealed that churros are a foolproof way to deal with stress and anxiety.

There’s no telling what kind of dessert Kim will want when she goes for gold and tries to become the youngest American female to win snowboarding gold.

Yet one thing is for certain. She’ll be a perfect pitchwoman for whatever food she decides to praise.

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