FIFA's executive boardroom looks exactly as menacing as you would expect

(Luca Zanier)

Swiss photographer Luca Zanier has released a series of images called "Corridors of Power" in which the rooms and spaces where powerful people make important decisions are depicted without those powerful people. One of the photographs in the series shows the rarely seen FIFA executive committee boardroom at their headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. And it looks just as Bond villainesque as you have always imagined.

Wired compared it to the war room in Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove, but there's something far more soul-crushing and bleak about it than that. This is where nations are made to submit to FIFA's demands, benefiting corporate sponsors and the men who sit in those black leather chairs under a circular light fixture that belongs in a CIA interrogation room on an alien spaceship.

Anyway, that dazzling blue floor must be coated in some kind of goat's blood resistant finish.

(Zanier photo via @erikmal and @JamesTylerESPN)

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Brooks Peck

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