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  • Dunga doesn't want Brazil players wearing earrings, hats or flip-flops

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle2 days ago

    In his ongoing effort to whip Brazil into shape after their profound embarrassment at the World Cup, new/old manager Dunga has set some new rules for the team and at least some of them seem to be targeting star man Neymar.

    Dunga has told his players to avoid wearing earrings, hats and flip-flops — a.k.a. 92 percent of Neymar's wardrobe.

    From Reuters:

    So these things aren't banned, but the players will be if they violate any of the new rules. Got it.

    As Brazil showed during the World Cup, belting out the national anthem is probably what they do best, so that shouldn't be a problem. The "no religious statements" rule might mean the end of Ka-"I belong to Jesus"-ka's international career, though. Also, the members of the 2014 World Cup squad might want to ask if "paying for their excess baggage costs" means they have to cover their own therapy for the resulting emotional baggage.

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