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  • Malmo's Magnus Eriksson scores absurd looping volley from distance

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle13 hrs ago

    Magnus Eriksson helped Malmo become the first Swedish club to reach the Champions League group stage since 2000 with a truly spectacular volley. It came in the 19th minute of Malmo's 3-0 win over Red Bull Salzburg and you really just have to see it to believe it.

    Malmo advanced on an aggregate score of 4-2. Somewhere in Paris, Zlatan is either feeling very proud or slightly jealous of that goal.

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  • Steven Gerrard's dejection stance through the years

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle2 days ago

    Disappointment afflicts everyone at certain points of their life, but in recent years it seems to have developed an infatuation with Steven Gerrard.

    Man City's 3-1 win over Liverpool prompted Gerrard to assume a now familiar position: hands on his hips with all his weight on one foot as waves of sadness roll off his body, drowning all who gaze upon him in empathy (or perverse enjoyment, if that's what you're into). This is the Liverpool captain's default "patiently waiting for the world to disintegrate" stance and he has employed it time and time again throughout his brilliant career.

    After England's 2-1 loss to Uruguay at the World Cup.

    After Liverpool squandered a 3-0 lead over Crystal Palace in the final 10 minutes of a title deciding match last season.

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  • Mario Balotelli's first day with Liverpool in pictures

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle2 days ago

    Mario Balotelli finalized his move to Liverpool on Monday — the same day his new club played one of his old clubs, Manchester City. This made for a very busy day and thankfully there were photographers present to document every step the Italian international took.

    "I went ahead and crossed out all the behavior clause nonsense before I signed. You're welcome."

    "I'm going to use this as my travel mug."

    "This is where I will fill Simon Mignolet's boots with various jams."

    "It's nice of them to put up hand railings around the training ground to keep Steven Gerrard from falling."

    "I'm moving 'the weather' ahead of 'the press' in my list of things I don't like about England."

    "3-1 Man City. Maybe if I park my car in Brendan Rodger's office they'll sell me to Napoli."

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