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  • Luka Modric's son would appreciate it if Cristiano Ronaldo would stop bothering him

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle3 hrs ago

    Yes, hi, I see you. Now please stop touching my face while I'm in the middle of a hardcore gaming session. That's not cool, OK?

    Yeah, you're Cristiano Ronaldo. You work with my dad and you just won a bunch of awards. Good for you. Oh, and you're with your girlfriend, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Irina Shayk? I'm a little kid. I don't care. But enjoy your case of the cooties. There's no cure for that. So too bad for you.

    Now unless you know how I can level up in Candy Crush without spending all of my dad's money, kindly get away from me. I've got a Lego play appointment with Leo Messi that was supposed to start five minutes ago. OK, bro? Thanks. Bye.

    Video via 101GG

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