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  • John Barnes will rap for you on demand

    Ryan Bailey at Dirty Tackle22 hrs ago

    When Batman is needed to uphold justice and suppress evil in Gotham, the Bat symbol is shone into the sky to bring him into action. Similarly, when former Liverpool and England winger John Barnes is needed to lift the nation's spirits with an impromptu rap performance, he will fulfil his civic duty whenever a phone is pointed at him and someone asks him nicely.

    While on vacation in Dubai this week, Barnes very kindly granted the wish of a fan by performing his rap from one of the best football-themed songs ever created, 'World in Motion' by New Order. It may have been 24 years since he first laid down his rhymes on the 1990 World Cup anthem, but hthe 50-year-old has clearly still got it. What a chap.

    Here's the original, featuring Barnes' magnum opus at the [2.30] mark...

    If you are unfamiliar with Barnes' musical oeuvre, then please enjoy the 'Anfield Rap,' which spurred Liverpool to lose the 1988 FA Cup Final to massive underdogs Wimbledon...

    H/T: Daily Mail

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  • Spanish police confiscate drugs disguised as Barcelona candy

    Ryan Bailey at Dirty Tackle22 hrs ago

    Barcelona fans looking to escape the harsh reality of not winning anything this season via hallucinogenic drugs face disappointment today, as a large batch of Blaugrana-themed drug-laced candy has been taken out of circulation.

    According to Sport, Spanish police have busted a drug trafficking ring involving nine people in Valencia and Alicante. One of those arrested was a master 'Turrónero' — a person who makes Turrón nougatfor confectionery stores — who had been using his skills to make marijuana-laced chocolates and nougat containing hallucinogenic mushrooms.

    In order to appeal to those who love beautiful passing football as well as candy and recreational drugs, they were molded into the shape of the Barca crest.

    A total of 300 grams (10.6 oz) of drugged delicacies were seized, along with large quantities of cocaine and speed, and nearly $30,000 in cash.

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  • A natural progression of Qatar's 2022 World Cup backpedaling

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle2 days ago

    When Qatar was awarded the 2022 World Cup, a lot of fairytale promises were made to try and convince people that the smallest country ever granted hosting duties could actually pull it off. Now coming up on four years after the first announcement and still eight years away from kickoff, those promises are steadily and predictably falling apart. The following is the natural progression of that trend.

    Did we say we could build our infrastructure without employing slave labor resulting in the deaths of thousands of migrant workers? Turns out 1,200 workers have reportedly died already and that number could rise to 4,000 by the time the projects are finished.

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