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  • Coritiba striker celebrates goal by falling into a tunnel

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle20 hrs ago

    Coritiba beat Sao Paulo 3-1 with on-loan Cameroonian striker Joel scoring the two goals that sealed the victory. He scored his second goal after rounding the keeper with a lovely stepover and celebrated by jumping over the advertising hoarding, but what he couldn't see was that a tunnel to the dressing rooms was hidden on the other side. So he ended up jumping right into it.

    Security staff rushed to help him out of the tunnel and though he was a bit shaken, he was able to complete his celebration and finish the match.

    The incident was reminiscent of Ponte Preta's Guilherme sliding down the stairs of a pitchside tunnel a few years ago.

    The lesson here is that Brazil needs to stop putting tunnels (hidden or otherwise) next to the pitch and subjecting players to Wile E. Coyote type scenarios.

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  • Jurgen Klopp's guide to enjoying a Champions League match from beginning to end

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle1 day ago

    Borussia Dortmund started the Champions League group stage by beating Arsenal 2-0 and Jurgen Klopp couldn't have been happier. "We did what we had to do to win this game and for us, it was near perfection," he said afterwards. "I enjoyed this game from the first second to the last. It’s hard work all the time but when you see games like this, it’s the best job in the world.”

    This degree of pure bliss is rare in life, let alone in football. So how was Klopp able to achieve it for 90 whole minutes? By following these steps...

    1. Dress comfortably

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