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  • Brazilian goalkeeper scores own goal too bizarre to be upset about

    Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle1 day ago

    No one likes to score own goals, but sometimes they happen in such strange ways that all you can do is laugh at them. And the own goal scored by Boa Esporte keeper Joao Carlos during his side's Brazilian Serie B match against Avai on Saturday is definitely the kind you have to laugh at.

    Avai launched a counter attack after a failed Boa Esporte corner kick and Joao Carlos decided to come charging off his line to try and intercept a cross into the box. He dove for the ball, but didn't reach it and instead it went right to the Avai player behind him, who got off a quick shot. The Boa Esporte defender covering for Joao Carlos instinctively cleared it, but in doing so he banked the ball off of his downed keeper's head and back in for the own goal.

    Avai were already up 1-0 when this happened, so the own goal put the match out of reach for Boa Esporte, who lost 2-0. Joao Carlos might not have found the humor in his own goal at the time, but he can take comfort in knowing that the rest of us did. Thank you, Joao Carlos.

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