'Loser Keeps Bieber' billboard gets sad yet hilarious update after Team USA loss

Unless we can figure out a way to pass him off to the Russians, it looks like America is stuck with Justin Bieber. Canada's not taking him back — not after their men's Olympic hockey team shut out Team USA 1-0 in the semifinals in Sochi.

Now Team USA won't advance to the gold-medal game, and it lost the not-so-real Bieber bet dreamt up by Chicago's Command Transportation. Rats, because a gold medal and no more Bieber would have been like winning a gold medal, a platinum medal and a bacon medal all in one.

Command Transportation was quick to update its electronic billboard Friday after the loss. The new version is a bit sad, but we can't lie, it's also pretty funny.

Two out of the three doesn't work, because as Canadian hockey will tell you, their teams already beat the Americans twice in the best two days. It seems like our best bet is selling The Biebs to the Russians so he can perform a 40-year residency at Fisht Olympic Stadium. They'll need something to do with it once the Sochi Games are finished. Heck, the "Nightmare Bear" Olympics mascot can be his opening act.

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