Does video of brutal Kariya injury hurt or help Russian league?

Thanks to YouTube, video of the Martin Kariya incident we discussed yesterday is now available and shows that KHL medical personnel weren't as slow as earlier believed:

As you see in the video, it took about 30 seconds from the time Kariya -- younger brother of Paul Kariya of the St. Louis Blues -- was hit for two personnel to attend to the Dinamo Riga forward. It's undetermined in what capacity the two men who first reach Kariya work, but after almost a minute and a half, a trio of medical personnel reached the scene.

The delay might have been cut short if there had been more entrances to the ice other than where the Zamboni comes out, as Spartak Moscow Coach Milosh Rziga said after the game on Friday evening. Like we pointed out yesterday, Kariya was taken off the ice in a tarp through the bench door, which his body needed to be lifted over in order to get through. Kariya suffered a concussion after hitting his head on the ice and is expected to miss four weeks.

This incident brings up more questions about the medical techniques of KHL personnel, as covered by Ken Campbell of The Hockey News on Monday. Kariya was the victim of a head injury, yet there doesn't seem to be any support given for his head and neck area -- and thankfully none of his Dinamo teammates stumbled and dropped him off the tarp as they took him off the ice.

In the past week we've have both Alexander Ovechkin(notes) and Evgeni Malkin(notes) state their intentions on playing in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. The Pittsburgh Penguins star even saying that if he were to be suspended for a couple of seasons from the NHL for participating, he could leave to play in Russia.

At what point does a player take into consideration the medical and safety precautions of a League before they take their big bag of money and run? And how can the KHL continue to throw around these large, tax-free contracts to lure NHL'ers, yet not outfit their arenas with proper medical care?

Thanks to commenter lexa1523 for posting the video link.