Buccaneers’ Darrelle Revis prefers winless and $16 million than victories with the New York Jets

Anwar S Richardson

It is natural to wonder if Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Darrelle Revis wishes he was back with the New York Jets.

Tampa Bay currently has an 0-8 record after a disappointing 27-24 loss against the Seattle Seahawks this past Sunday. The Bucs’ organization has seemingly mishandled everything from an MRSA outbreak to Josh Freeman’s release from their team this season. Bucs coach Greg Schiano appears to be in over his head as an NFL leader, too.

Meanwhile, the New York Jets are 5-4 after a 26-20 victory against New Orleans. Revis’ former team has a realistic shot to make the playoffs. The Jets are doing just fine without "Revis Island".

Those factors prompted Jason Owen, a bartender from Jersey City, to ask Revis (via Twitter) if the cornerback regrets not being with the Jets. Revis has $16 million reasons why he is okay with Tampa Bay's winless season.

When New York traded Revis to Tampa Bay prior to this season, the Buccaneers gave him a six-year deal worth $98 million. Revis is slated to earn $16 million this season.

Of course, Revis noted he was happy about the money, but did not express an opinion about Schiano. Revis reportedly expressed his dissatisfaction about Tampa Bay's defensive scheme to Schiano earlier this season. It is safe to assume if Revis could have $16 million and another coach, he might be happier.

Unfortunately, for Revis, $16 million cannot buy Tampa Bay a win this season.

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