Auburn fan petitions President Obama to have Gene Chizik fired

So it's come to this: Auburn fans are so fed up with coach Gene Chizik, that they're petitioning the president of the United States to get him fired.

On the website "We The People," average folks can petition the government to make changes, and an intrepid Auburn fan thought he'd use that power to ask for Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs and football coach Gene Chizik to be removed from their respective posts.

"You probably remembered the Auburn University football team from their visit to your house in early 2011. You gave Trooper Taylor a chest bump. Since then the football team, like the Tea Party has fallen off of the map and would be forgotten by the nation were it not for our ineptitude. …

"Do the right thing.

Either sent military drones to the athletic department and blow the whole thing up or give our boosters a $10 million stimulus package to create new orange and blue jobs. Determine that Jacobs and Chizik are terrorists and get rid of them for Auburn. Go USA!"

Auburn, which won the BCS national championship just two seasons ago, is 2-8 and 0-7 in SEC play. It has never had a season where it's finished with fewer than three wins, and the last time it finished with three wins was 1998. The Tigers play Alabama A&M this weekend and should get that coveted third win before being slaughtered by rival Alabama on the final week of the season. If that happens, Auburn will have been the deciding factor in both the SEC East and SEC West champions — Georgia beat the Tigers last week to claim the East title.

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Auburn hasn't even been competitive this season. It's lost its conference games by an average of 20.3 points per game and its only wins this season have come against teams outside of the six BCS conferences.

So, even though George P's petition has just three signatures and the president probably won't be getting involved, it's probably safe to say that some sort of change will be forthcoming by year's end.

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