TUF 10 Media Day: Kimbo has a special contract waiting if he wins

The fans' excitement or anger over Kimbo Slice being on The Ultimate Fighter 10 is surpassed only by the actual fighters on the show and Dana White. Everyone is fired up to take out the biggest name and Kimbo has an opportunity to land a huge deal if he wins the show. White confirmed that Kimbo's deal is unlike any other TUF contestant:

"He's got the same TUF deal. He's got a contract if he wins the show. If he makes it into the UFC his contract is different, a lot [expletive] different. And it's a good one. That's his carrot. If he can do this, he can make some real money."

Past TUF winners have received "six-figure" contracts but they usually run 6-10 fights. Rumors flew for the last eight months that there were big money offers on the table in Japan and boxing promoter Gary Shaw, Kimbo's former boss at EliteXC, was ready to make him a "big-time" boxer. White said there's no money in boxing unless you're at the top and that the people around Kimbo knew that (3:30 mark):

"People that are around Kimbo, I was really impressed with that too. Kimbo's manager is a sharp guy. Actually one of the best guys I've dealt with since I've been in this business. He's done a lot of things for this guy."

White also shot down the notion that Kimbo will be protected on the show to benefit ratings (7:05 mark):

"Kimbo is getting zero [expletive] special treatment. And on the flip side, I'm not after Kimbo. Let's make an example of this guy. Let's get his ass kicked. He's a contestant just like everybody else, coming on the show and trying to win."

White also said he believes that Kimbo is a real fighter (0:53 mark), he just doesn't know if he's an MMA fighter. Kimbo will not be fed a Tank Abbott or James Thompson, the cast has some serious fighters. White said he may have egg on his face when the whole thing is done. He said repeatedly in the past Kimbo sucks and couldn't win a season of TUF. But he's been wrong before. White thought Rashad Evans worst the heavyweight contestant on TUF 2. Evans eventually went onto win the show and UFC title.

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