Zenit signed Bart Simpson and it was all very weird

The Simpsons have been partnering with football clubs around the world as a part of a still unclear money printing strategy and now it's FC Zenit's turn to join the brand synergy party. But with a twist.

Since the partnership was unveiled on transfer deadline day, the Russian club announced it as if they were signing Bart Simpson as they would a new player. So they carried this premise out to its fullest, most terrifying possibilities BY HAVING A HUMAN PERSON DRESSED IN A GIANT BART COSTUME GO THROUGH THE PACES OF A NEW SIGNING.

In the video above, you'll see the giant headed and sickly looking Bart Simpson going through a medical exam, having an awkward one-sided conversation with Andre Villas-Boas (the indignities never end for Andre, do they?), meet his new teammates and then get initiated into the squad by nearly having his big freaky head knocked off.

Here's how Zenit announced the signing on their official website:

FC Zenit and the 20th Century Fox have reached an agreement about Bart Simpson’s transfer to the Blue-White-Sky Blues! The latest addition to the team has already arrived in St. Petersburg, passed his physical, signed his contract and had his first training session this morning with the rest of the team.

Bartholomew Jo Jo (Bart) Simpson first appeared onscreen in 1987 and because of this he has decided to take 87 as his number.

The footballer arrived a few days ago at Pulkovo and went to the club’s office to meet with the general director of Zenit, Maxim Mitrofanov. Bart had his medical exam at the MMC SOGAZ department The Nevsky Corinthia Palace, went to Petrovsky, the new store "Zenit Arena" and then made his way out to Udelny Park.

The oddities of transfer deadline day have no limits.


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