Toronto transit workers angry they’d have to dress like Montreal Canadiens

Workers for the Toronto Transit Commission are expected to receive new uniforms next year, which is very exciting. When I worked at Burger King in high school and we went from brown polo shirts with the flexibility of cardboard to blue ones, the sun shined a little bit brighter that day.

One problem for some members of the TTC: The proposed gear for next year is the antithesis of what a proud Toronton would desire to wear.

In the sense that it looks like something out of the Montreal Canadiens’ closet.

The National Post reports that there’s internal strife at the TTC from Toronto Maple Leafs fans that don’t want to rock le bleu-blanc-rouge of the Habs (or the United States, but let's not make this situation any more uncomfortable than it already is):

“Everyone at my division that has seen them hates them,” said one TTC operator, speaking on condition of anonymity. “As someone who was born in Toronto I take exception to the colours; too much like the Habs… They pay [us] to wear a uniform so I’ll wear it, but not Montreal Canadiens-coloured golf shirts.”

Bob Kinnear, who leads the union representing Toronto transit workers, derided the red, white and blue design as “absolutely awful,” noting he has heard “loud-and-clear” opposition from staff. “Born-and-bred Torontonians, we’ve got to support our team,” Mr. Kinnear said in an interview Monday, noting he has spoken with TTC chief executive Andy Byford on the matter: “If you’re in Manchester, you don’t wear the colours of Liverpool.”

Oh man, evoking English soccer blood feuds …

A TTC spokesman told the Post that “no final decisions” have been made about the new uniforms, which is corporate speak for “we had no idea the union was going to air its gripes in the National Post and now we’re either going to let this blow over or go with Option B.”

So we expect the TTC will instead wear red, white and black shirts and hats next year, because Leafs fans don’t care about the Senators.

But if they have to wear the Habs colors ... hey, it could be worse.