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Steve Cofield

Highly reputable boxing chief wants to see MMA cleaned up

Steve Cofield

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This could be the funniest thing ever uttered by an anti-MMA, boxing world character. Outside of former heavyweight prospect Ike Ibeabuchi, the last person who should be commenting on morality in sports is WBC chief Jose Sulaiman.

Suliaman, 77, ripped the hell out of MMA in The Sun:

"I oppose 100 per cent this ultimate fighting. It has taken boxing to the era of the caveman and the Roman circus. These are not ancient times. This fighting is fed to those fans who like aggression, blood and illegality."

The head of boxing commission is quite familiar with illegal acts. Sulaiman may know what he's speaking about in this case. Then the old man went to far in slamming, you the MMA fan:

"They are not boxing fans — boxing fans have class."

I'm a boxing fan. I have nothing against boxing. But I can tell you from being present as Mike Tyson fans were marauding through the MGM Grand brandishing and shooting firearms, I wasn't thinking, "what class!" Classy wasn't the word of the night when fans were fearing for their lives at Madison Square Garden after the Andrew Golota-Riddick Bowe fight.

Keep in mind Sulaiman is the chief of a sanctioning body that essentially has served as Don King's personal rankings lackey. He's been called a thief on numerous occasions by those in the sport. State athletic commissions have also had the WBC in their crosshairs.

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