Ukrainian duo wins International Cheerleading Union Cup

A Ukrainian national team has won the International Cheerleading Union Cup in a competition of the world's leading freestyle duos held in Orlando, USA.

Source: Champion, a Ukrainian sports-related news outlet

Details: The Ukrainian duo, Anastasiia Maloshenko and Yelyzaveta Tymofieieva, have clinched the victory and won the cup.

The athletes were ahead of the duos from Ecuador and Croatia, who won silver and bronze medals, respectively.

Another Ukrainian duo, Kateryna Karpova and Arina Morarenko, the bronze medallists of the World Cup in Seoul, took fourth place.

It is reported that the presence of Ukrainian war veterans undergoing rehabilitation in the United States was a major support for the Ukrainian cheerleaders. Among them is Mykola Melnyk, former company commander of the 47th Brigade, who lost his leg during an assault on the Zaporizhzhia front in June 2023.

Background: Maloshenko and Tymofieieva won silver at the World Cheerleading Championships in 2023.

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