Tiger Woods reveals heartbreaking reason his 16-year-old daughter doesn’t like golf

Tiger Woods is opening up about his kids and their relationship with golf.

It’s well known that Woods’ son, Charlie, is following in his dad’s footsteps and becoming an exceptional golfer in his own right. In fact, just weeks after receiving a state championship ring, 15-year-old Charlie competed for a spot in the U.S. Open for the first time just days ago.

But what about Charlie’s older sister Sam, who is now 16 years old?

In an interview with the “Today” show’s Carson Daly, Woods admitted that Sam won’t be swinging a club alongside her brother or her father any time soon. In fact, despite her father being a golfing legend, Sam doesn’t care that much for golf at all.

The reason Sam doesn’t?

“When she was growing up, golf took daddy away from her. I had to pack and I had to leave,” Woods told Carson. “I had to be gone for weeks. And there’s a negative connotation to it.”

Woods, however, said he and his daughter have found common ground outside of golf. “We develop our own relationship, our own rapport that’s outside of golf,” he explained.

“We do things that don’t involve golf.”

“Meanwhile,” Woods adds, “my son and I, we do everything golf related. It’s just very different.”

But that doesn’t mean Sam isn’t supportive of the legacy her father has been able to leave. While she may not eat, sleep and breath golf, Sam did caddy for her dad just a few months ago for the first time.

According to The Palm Beach Post, Sam is making a name for herself in high school soccer and track and field. Her soccer team is 17-1 and looking for a first state championship of its own.