Steelers rookie tackle Troy Fautanu clears up health concerns

Encapsulated in the pre-draft process every year are the medical reports on prospects. For Pittsburgh Steelers rookie tackle Troy Fautanu, news of an injury he sustained came to light publicly just a couple of days before the 2024 NFL draft.

“Washington OT Troy Fautanu’s knee was flagged,” Albert Breer wrote for Sports Illustrated on April 22. “That one was described to me as the sort of issue that shouldn’t be a problem in the short term, but could wind up impacting his longevity in the pros (though his high football character is a factor in making teams feel like he’ll do all he can to take care of it, and give himself the best chance).”

Fautanu put the concern to rest on a conference call with Pittsburgh media after the Steelers selection.

“That knee thing hasn’t bothered me in years,” Fautanu said. “You play football and play offensive line. If you come out playing football for years and years and you don’t get injured, it’s you’re like a pony. I understand the physicality that I do play with, and you know, sometimes things are going to happen like that, but it doesn’t stop me from showing up to work every single day and playing the way that I do play.”

Fautanu isn’t sure of the specifics, but he believes injury concerns were leaked, causing his draft stock to slide. Expectations were that he’d be a top-15 pick.

“I honestly have no clue,” Fautanu said on Seattle’s KJR Softy & Dick show. “I talked to my agent and basically he was saying that a team later in the draft might’ve leaked it to try and get me to fall.”

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire