A snowboarder won a tattoo bet after winning a rare medal for Spain

Kevin Kaduk
Yahoo Sports

Regino Hernandez won a rare Winter Olympics medal for Spain on Thursday. To mark the achievement, he’s going to get a tattoo.

But don’t expect Hernandez to get out of the chair with the Olympic rings, a likeness of Sooharang the tiger or the snowboard cross course on his skin.

Hernandez will instead get the face of his equipment manager Luca Trionte placed somewhere on his body. Heading into the games, Hernandez told Trionte that the pair would get the face of the other tattooed on their body if Hernandez won a medal.

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Hernandez took home the bronze in Thursday’s snowboard cross, so both are headed to the chair. (It’s unclear why Hernandez has to get one if he “won” the bet, but who are we to question a man who looks like a younger version of the World’s Most Interesting Man?)

“Here, the bets are for life,” Hernandez told the Associated Press. “Nothing like just shaving beards. Beards will grow back.”

Hernandez hasn’t decided where to put Trionte’s face, but notes that he already has a lot of tattoos so it may not stand out much.

Spain doesn’t have a decorated history at the Winter Games, winning only three total medals. Hernandez’s medal was the first since skier Blanca Fernandez Ochoa won a bronze in the women’s slalom at the 1992 Albertville Games.

Her brother Francisco Fernandez Ochoa won Spain’s only other winter medal: A gold in the men’s slalom at 1972 Sapporo.

Spain has 13 athletes competing across five different sports in PyeongChang.

Regino Hernandez celebrates with his bronze medal. (EFE photo)
Regino Hernandez celebrates with his bronze medal. (EFE photo)

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