'Sacking another manager shouldn't be Hibs' priority this summer'

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Performances and results like last Saturday’s win over St Johnstone won't do Nick Montgomery any harm. Whether it turns out to be enough, time will tell.

Managerial change shouldn’t be the number one priority at Hibs, though. It’s the running of the club, the structure, the leadership - you need to get things right at the top as it all flows from there.

There’s a lack of leadership at Hibs which then permeates through to recruitment. There’s a lot of wastage there. You need to be trimming all that away to focus in on how you make the club efficient.

The difficulty for Montgomery is that on the back of Shaun Maloney and Lee Johnson, if he is still there at the start of next season then he needs a bright start.

Fans need to see something that’s a definitive sea change. For too long it’s just been bobbing along. The fans need something to believe in as there’s been a lack of substance. Negativity is bubbling under the surface.

The two games leading up to the split were massive perception shifters. The defeat at home to St Johnstone was really poor, but up until then, from the end of the transfer window, I felt Hibs had recruited well for the first time in a number of years and generally the performances showed something beginning to take shape.

Do you now throw the baby out with the bathwater? I feel the right course of action is to stick with Montgomery, but I can understand the folk making a case contrary to that.

Michael Stewart was speaking to BBC Sport Scotland's Martin Watt