Reporter: David Tepper ‘heavily influenced’ Panthers’ selection of Bryce Young

As Carolina Panthers head coach Frank Reich said on Monday—some NFL owners are hands-off and some NFL owners are very much hands-on. And it’s evident, even before Reich came to Charlotte, that his team’s owner definitely falls in the latter category.

On Monday, Reich was asked about owner David Tepper’s temperature in the midst of a disappointing 0-5 start to his tenure. What he said wasn’t all that surprising, but still quite interesting.

“Talk to him every week, multiple times. Usually talk either Monday or Tuesday after a game,” he replied. “And he’s super competitive. Wants to bring a winner to the Carolinas. He wants it now. Wants it now. And pushes me and pushes us to that end. He wants to do whatever it takes and turn over every stone. Turn it as much as he has to to produce winning football. So, I appreciate those conversations—they’re always very challenging. He’s a super-competitive person. He’s not gonna sit idly by.”

Reich later added the following:

“There’s different philosophies in ownership. Some owners kinda stay away and don’t engage a whole lot. Other owners do. And his philosophy is he’s gonna engage.”

That, thanks from an assist from Michael Rimmer on Twitter, prompted ESPN NFL reporter Stephen Holder to post this:

After acquiring the No. 1 overall pick of the 2023 draft this past spring, the Panthers sent a massive contingent to attend the pro days for each of the top quarterback prospects. Tepper and his wife Nicole, the chief administrative officer of the team, were part of the group.

The selection, of course, was ultimately Bryce Young—who has experienced some struggles over the course of the five-game losing streak. He’s completed 63.9 percent of his throws for 750 yards, five touchdowns and four interceptions over four starts.

No. 2 overall pick and Houston Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud, who may have been the second option for Carolina, has gotten off to a much more successful start than his fellow draftee. He’s tossed for 1,461 yards, seven scores and no picks, and already has an Offensive Rookie of the Month award to show for it.

Story originally appeared on Panthers Wire