Report: Richie Incognito pleaded guilty after punching hole in grandmother's wall

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More criminal charges against Richie Incognito have surfaced a day after the troubled offensive lineman signed with the Oakland Raiders.

Incognito faced a pair of charges in April stemming from a violent outburst in his 90-year-old grandmother’s home in the wake of this father’s death, according to court records obtained by ESPN.

Incognito reportedly punched hole in grandmother’s wall

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According to the records, in August of last year, Incognito punched a hole in a living room wall of his grandmother’s Peoria, Arizona home and ripped a security system box from the wall while he was “enraged” in an argument with her, blaming her for his father’s death that he announced the day prior.

On April 1, Incognito pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of criminal damage and disorderly conduct while seeing a domestic violence charge dropped as part of his plea deal, according to the report.

Incognito was ordered to take a 10-week anger management class, pay a $569 fine, stay away from his grandmother’s house, abstain from alcohol, not possess firearms and remain on his prescribed medication, according to the report. He also was placed on a year of probation and ordered to write an apology letter to his grandmother.

More charges against Richie Incognito surfaced involving a violent outburst at his grandmother's home. (Getty)
More charges against Richie Incognito surfaced involving a violent outburst at his grandmother's home. (Getty)

Incognito’s history of legal trouble

The Raiders signed the 35-year-old lineman on Tuesday after he had spent a year away from the game while dealing with personal and legal issues and had announced that he had retired.

In April, Incognito reached a plea deal, avoiding jail time for a separate Scottsdale, Arizona incident in which he allegedly threatened to “shoot people” with guns from his truck at a funeral home following his father’s death.

He reportedly had several guns and a pistol silencer in his truck at the time.

The four-time Pro Bowler who was at the center of the Miami Dolphins bullying scandal, was also involved in a 2018 incident at a Boca Raton, Florida gym that involved him allegedly throwing a dumbbell at a fellow patron.

He was detained for an involuntary mental health evaluation after telling police he believed the man at the gym was an NSA agent spying on him.

Raiders labeled signing as ‘prove-it’ deal

Raiders general manager Mike Mayock addressed the controversial signing with media on Tuesday prior to team workouts.

“Whenever he’s been focused on activities solely on the field, he’s been fine,” Mayock said of Incognito. “We’ve done a one-year, prove-it deal with him, and prove-it means both on and off the field ... “I think at the end of the day, you can’t have all boy scouts.”

The Raiders declined comment to ESPN Wednesday on the incident involving Incognito’s grandmother.

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