Richie Incognito arrested, weapons impounded, after he made threats at funeral home

Richie Incognito was arrested for making threats at a funeral home in Arizona. (AP)
Richie Incognito was arrested for making threats at a funeral home in Arizona. (AP)

Richie Incognito’s scary, weird offseason continued Tuesday when he was arrested at a funeral home following his father’s death.

Multiple reports said Scottsdale (Ariz.) police confirmed Incognito was arrested for disorderly conduct and making threats. TMZ said Incognito was talking to funeral home staffers when he started yelling at people. TMZ reported Incognito said he had guns in his vehicle and “would shoot people.” Incognito also threatened to damage property at the funeral home, TMZ said. Pro Football Talk said Incognito “allegedly made a gun gesture toward one of the employees, and he said that he has guns in his truck.”

TMZ and PFT said Incognito did have weapons in his vehicle, and they were impounded.

Police report reveals extent of Incognito’s alleged weaponry

A police report made public later Tuesday reveals that Incognito allegedly had an arsenal of guns and a silencer in his truck.

The random outburst was a lot like Incognito’s other strange encounter this offseason.

Richie Incognito has had other outbursts at random people this year

Incognito was reportedly detained for an involuntary mental evaluation after being accused of throwing tennis balls and a dumbbell at another person at a Boca Raton, Fla. gym in May. Incognito reportedly told told police when they arrived that he believed he was an NSA agent. The report described a paranoid Incognito, who believed ordinary people were government agents who were tracking and recording him.

Over the weekend Incognito tweeted that his father died on Saturday. That was presumably the reason he was at the funeral home on Tuesday, when he caused a disturbance.

Incognito’s offseason gets even stranger

Incognito’s entire offseason has been strange and at times, troubling.

He abruptly announced he would retire from the Buffalo Bills after a rocky career that included four Pro Bowls and his infamous role in the Miami Dolphins locker room bullying scandal. Then, not long after saying he was retired, he told the Bills he was looking forward to reporting for the offseason program. The Bills, who need help on the offensive line, cut Incognito even though he has made a Pro Bowl each of the last three seasons.

Incognito said he wanted to keep playing, but the incident at the Boca Raton gym didn’t help. Then Incognito profanely ripped Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer after Zimmer denied the Vikings had interest in signing him. Incognito later apologized on Twitter on Aug. 7.

“I’ll be the first to admit it. I’ve been a bit off the reservation lately,” Incognito wrote. “I’ve been a little stressed. There isn’t an off switch for savage mode to regular life.”

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