Is this first pitch that hit a photographer the worst ever?

There are bad first pitches and there’s what happened at Tuesday’s White Sox-Royals game in Chicago.

The White Sox awarded the honor of throwing the first pitch to a woman who works for the team and earned employee-of-the-month honors.

The unnamed employee clearly wasn’t selected for her baseball acumen.

First pitch not so good

She stepped to the front of the pitcher’s mound with a pitch intended for White Sox pitcher Evan Marshall, who was behind the plate for the ceremonial first-pitch duties.

Instead, the toss veered way wide left and plunked the camera of photographer Darren Georgia, who was standing off to the side to document the experience.

Photographer’s OK

Document it, he did.

According to the Associated Press, Georgia told NBC Sports Chicago that he and his camera came away unscathed.

Georgia got plenty of attention after the mishap, and took a diplomatic approach to his role in the botched pitch in an interview with The Athletic.

“The flash might have been what caused her to throw [the ball] at me,” Georgia said. “It might have been my fault.”

The woman appeared overjoyed with her effort despite the errant throw. So no harm, no foul.

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A Chicago White Sox employee would probably like to have a do-over. (AP)
A Chicago White Sox employee would probably like to have a do-over. (AP)