Pass or Fail? MLB's new 'We the People' caps for Fourth of July

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Major League Baseball’s holiday and special event uniforms are always polarizing. Some fans love seeing players decked out in camo for Memorial Day and pink or blue on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Some fans rue the day.

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Fourth of July, of course, is one of the holidays that gets special uniform treatment. While stars-and-stripes is always the order of the day, this year’s caps from New Era come with a new patriotic twist. The underbill of the caps say “We the People” in a very Constitution-looking typeface with a background of stars and stripes.

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It’s Super America … however, there have been some gripes, so this seems like a good chance for another “Pass or Fail?” segment. Let’s look at both sides. You can chime in with your opinion in the comment section or at @bigleaguestew on Twitter.

(New Era)
(New Era)
(New Era)
(New Era)

PRO: It’s for Fourth of July, so this is THE time to get super patriotic with baseball caps. This is the type of “Yay, America” nod that you want for for the Fourth. Hard to be mad at that, right?

CON: Well, there’s one thing that some people are upset about. “We The People” is from the Constitution, not the Declaration of Independence, which is the history that’s being celebrated on July 4 each year.

YOUR TURN: Are these MLB Fourth of July caps a pass or fail?

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