NFL legend Steve Smith Sr. heaps praise onto new Browns’ WR Jamari Thrash

The Cleveland Browns have added to their wide receiver room, selecting Louisville’s Jamari Thrash with the 156th pick in the 2024 NFL draft.

And one former NFL legend is a big fan of the new Browns’ wideout as he transitions to the next level. On his YouTube show “Cut to It” two weeks ago, former Carolina Panthers and Baltimore Ravens standout Steve Smith Sr. heaped praise onto Thrash:

“Very, very, very smart. … Pro Day was explosive. When I was at his Pro Day, they had him run a little jerk route. He runs, settles his feet, goes the opposite way, and I believe he actually came out faster once he restarted than he did when he started. He can run. Fluid, sinking his hips well, caught the ball and he was smooth, adjusted to some of the bad throws and adjusted some of the good throws.”

Smith did not stop raving about Thrash there, adding even more hype to the name of the Louisville standout:

“He understands exactly where he is on the field,” Smith said. “He knows exactly who he is, and if you draft him, you need to know who he is: He is an XY receiver. Not just a guy with speed, but he also has routes. Usually with a guy was speed, you say he only runs three or four routes. This guy, he could run every route in the route tree. He’s still a young kid, but he’s exceptionally smart. I loved his Pro Day and I love what I saw. He is definitely a chain mover and a deep threat on your offense once you draft this kid.”

Smith also went viral last season for the harsh things he had to say about another Cleveland Browns receiver. It’s just one man’s opinion, but the words of Smith set a high bar for the Browns’ fifth round pick.

Story originally appeared on Browns Wire