This college baseball team's re-creation of 'Major League' is tremendous

In the eyes of us here at Big League Stew, the University of Arizona is already the No. 1 college baseball team in the land this season. Forget that the Wildcats’ first game isn’t until this weekend. They’ve earned our vote from the video masterpiece you see above.

Yep, the University of Arizona team recreated the spring training scene from “Major League,” aka the greatest baseball movie of all-time. This is no minor-league effort either. The attention to detail is great. Sure, some language had to be toned down, but, hey, that’s to be expected.

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Kudos to the team’s head coach Jay Johnson for pulling off the gravely gruff of fictional Indians manager Lou Brown. And kudos to freshman Matt Fraizer for playing a fantastic version of Willie “Mays” Hayes.

That's Matt

Now here’s the original for comparison. And, again, you’ve been warned: there’s some language NSFW here.

Here’s hoping the Wildcats drop a sequel. We all need more Jobu in our lives.

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