NFL reviewing Dolphins concussion protocol after Matt Moore returned following illegal hit

When Miami Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore was blasted by Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Bud Dupree in Sunday’s playoff game, it seemed possible he was done for the day.

He was done for only one play.

That seemed way too fast to determine if Moore had a concussion, and the NFL thought so as well. The NFL and NFL Players Association are reviewing if the proper concussion protocol was followed after Moore got hit.

“This review reflects the seriousness with which we take our obligation to ensure the health and safety of our players,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said, according to the Washington Post. “It is important to note that initiation of this process does not mean that we have drawn conclusions as to whether the protocol was followed.”

Moore got crushed when Dupree lowered his head and hit Moore in the jaw with the crown of his helmet. Dupree was given a 15-yard penalty for the hit. Moore was down for several moments. It seemed like he had a concussion, and even if he didn’t, it’s hard to believe the independent neurologist and Dolphins medical personnel could determine that in such a short amount of time. Moore missed one play, went back in and played the rest of the game.

“I just got smoked,” Moore said, according to the Miami Herald. “I needed a second. That was really it. I was checking to see if I had all my teeth, really. I just really needed a second, and obviously with all the protocols now with the NFL, I had to go see the doctor and do all that. I was fine. I just kind of had to gather myself for a second. I was able to do that and went back in.”

The NFL will take a look to see if perhaps Moore needed more than a second to gather himself.

The NFL will review the Dolphins' concussion protocol after Matt Moore missed only one play Sunday. (AP)
The NFL will review the Dolphins’ concussion protocol after Matt Moore missed only one play Sunday. (AP)

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