Georgetown wants to entice fans to pop the question at its games

Georgetown has a proposal for those considering proposing (AP)
Georgetown has a proposal for those considering proposing (AP)

Georgetown unveiled an enticing offer on Monday for lovestruck Hoyas fans thinking about popping the question this winter.

Not only will the school’s marketing department assist in setting up a surprise marriage proposal at a Georgetown basketball game, they’ll also offer a refund in case the answer is a cringeworthy “No” instead of a heartfelt “Yes.”

“We get calls once in awhile from people wanting to propose at games, but I never saw anything really put in stone about it, like an official package for it,” Georgetown marketing director Chris Grosse said. “We tried to put together a package of the best things we can offer. We released it before single-game tickets went on sale so that people have plenty of time to plan.”

As the innovator behind this idea, Grosse is responsible for making sure anyone interested is sincere and not an impostor seeking free tickets or publicity. Once he’s certain he’s not being duped, Grosse will help design a surprise proposal that fits the couple’s personality.

A boyfriend who wishes to surprise his significant other on the video board in front of 18,000 fans might do so under the guise of participating in a pregame contest or answering a trivia question during a timeout. A boyfriend who prefers a more intimate proposal would receive an invitation to take pictures at mid-court after the game is over.

Why would Grosse include the money-back guarantee? He says it’s the least Georgetown can do for someone who was spurned by the love of his life and humiliated in front of an entire arena.

“If this person truly says no, you’re feeling down in the dumps,” Grosse said. “Let’s try to reward you somehow. You can at least get your money back to try to recoup some of that. It’s a way we can give back in case it doesn’t go well.”

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