Mother of LeSean McCoy's son alleges child abuse, which McCoy denies

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There are new allegations about the behavior of Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy, in this case how he treats his 6-year-old son.

Stephanie Maisonet, the mother of McCoy’s son, has filed an affidavit supporting the lawsuit of McCoy’s ex-girlfriend, Delicia Cordon. Maisonet says she has a pending case against McCoy with the state of Georgia for abusing their son.

‘Our son would come home with bruises’

Maisonet filed the affidavit to support Cordon, McCoy’s ex-girlfriend who alleges he may have played a role in a July 10 invasion at the home they used to share that left her bloodied and saw over $130,000 worth of jewelry stolen.

She wrote that she has contacted child services concerning McCoy’s treatment of their son, and that the case is still pending.

The mother of LeSean McCoy’s 6-year-old son alleged in an affidavit that the Bills running back abused their son; McCoy denied the accusation. (AP)
The mother of LeSean McCoy’s 6-year-old son alleged in an affidavit that the Bills running back abused their son; McCoy denied the accusation. (AP)

“Our son would often come home with bruises in which I would consistently receive outlandish excuses as to where the bruises would come from,” Maisonet wrote. “Our son would cry hysterically whenever he had to spend time with LeShawn [sic] McCoy. Our son would cry even harder if he knew Delicia Cordon was not going to be present during LeShawn McCoy’s parenting time.”

Maisonet also included a photo of their son; in it, the boy appears to have a purple bruise on his chin and along the lower left side of his face.

On Instagram, Maisonet wrote, “I’m so sick of my son coming home from his dads house crying about being ‘spanked’!! No child should be begging & crying hysterically when it’s time to go to their fathers house! I’m tired of asking the courts for help with this matter & not being heard bc of who his father is!”

Also on Instagram, McCoy posted some videos of him with his son and wrote, “‘The allegations made against me today regarding my relationship with my son are provably false, outrageously inaccurate and offensive. I have a loving and close knit relationship with my son.’ That young boy is my whole life. With a custody case coming up in November, I can see why these false allegations are surfacing.”

‘I agreed to help him’

But as it seems many things are when it comes to McCoy, the story gets even more messy.

Maisonet writes that she lived with McCoy in 2011 until he kicked out both her and their son, refusing to let her back into the house to retrieve some of the baby’s items and taking back things he had given to her.

On July 9, Maisonet claims she was out with McCoy and McCoy’s friend/assistant Tamarcus Porter getting a passport for their son when she overheard McCoy say to someone on the phone, “I need to get this (expletive) out of my house.”

At the time, McCoy was still sharing a home with Cordon.

Maisonet claims later that day McCoy was supposed to pick up their son, as outlined in their custody agreement, but Porter called and said he and McCoy would not be getting the boy; she says it is the first time he ever rescheduled his visitation.

The next day, July 10, Maisonet heard about the invasion at the house McCoy was sharing with Cordon, which happened while McCoy was in the process of evicting Cordon from the residence. She also heard directly from McCoy, which hadn’t happened in years; she said their agreement was that she only heard from Porter in regards to their son.

But McCoy “talked badly” about Cordon during the call, Maisonet wrote, and offered “that if I help him with the home invasion, he will concede in our custody case by allowing me to enroll our son in school in Miami. I found this odd because he has been fighting so hard against that during our custody battle.”

Maisonet claims that McCoy’s mother contacted her to be a character witness for McCoy, and that she reluctantly agreed, believing McCoy was trying to act in the best interest of their son. So Maisonet allowed Porter to post a statement on her Instagram feed, which said that allegations of abuse against their son were false and that Cordon was trying to ruin McCoy.

“However, I knew the allegations were true and even made a report about LeShawn McCoy abusing our son to child services, prior to the home invasion,” Maisonet wrote. “I regret ever helping LeShawn McCoy in this case. He should not get away with potentially orchestrating this heinous incident.”

Lawsuit alleges abuse of child and dog

In Cordon’s lawsuit, she accuses McCoy of beating his dog in front of her and also of abusing his son.

“When plaintiff expressed concern about McCoy beating his dog, he would turn his anger against Plaintiff,” the lawsuit said. “McCoy would aggressively, physically discipline and beat his young son over minor mistakes that all young children make. When Plaintiff questioned McCoy about beating his son, he would yell and scream at Plaintiff for commenting on how he should raise his son.”

McCoy has not been criminally charged in regards to any of these accusations, nor has the NFL or the Bills punished him for the allegations.

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