Lawsuit from ex claims LeSean McCoy beat his son, dog, seeks $133K for jewelry stolen in alleged home invasion

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<a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nfl/players/9317/" data-ylk="slk:LeSean McCoy">LeSean McCoy</a>’s ex-girlfriend Delicia Cordon has filed a lawsuit against the Bills running back seeking damages for an alleged home invasion and assault. (Getty)
LeSean McCoy’s ex-girlfriend Delicia Cordon has filed a lawsuit against the Bills running back seeking damages for an alleged home invasion and assault. (Getty)

Days after calling for “justice to be served” in her first public statement since an alleged burglary and assault suffered in her shared Georgia home with LeSean McCoy, Delicia Cordon has filed a lawsuit against the Buffalo Bills running back. 

Cordon, McCoy’s ex-girlfriend, accuses McCoy and a second defendant, Tamarcus Porter, of creating a home environment that leaves them “liable for the assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress” she says she suffered during a July 10 home invasion. 

Delicia Cordon seeking $133,000 for jewelry

Among the damages Cordon is seeking is $133,000 for jewelry she says was taken during the invasion, “most of which was purchased by McCoy.” The lawsuit claims that McCoy had insured the jewelry, but refused to provide Cordon with the information needed to file an insurance claim.

Police called the incident a “targeted” home invasion in which the suspect demanded specific items from the victim.

News broke of incident on July 10 when a friend of Cordon’s created an Instagram post (now deleted) using @miamor_i_adore that showed a picture of Cordon battered and bloodied and accusing McCoy of being involved in the assault.

From the Instagram post:

I can’t believe you did this to my best friend!!!!! YOUR KARMA IS GOING TO BE SO REAL!!!!!! The world needs to know what type of animal you really are!!!!!!!”

She said she removed the post in a separate message that claimed Cordon’s lawyer forced her to do so.

McCoy has denied the allegations, claiming he hasn’t seen Cordon in months and was out of state when the invasion happened at the residence.

Lawsuit describes alleged abuse of son, dog by McCoy

The lawsuit also reiterates accusations made in the original Instagram post that McCoy beat his dog in front of Cordon in addition to abusing his own son.

From the lawsuit:

When Plaintiff expressed concern about McCoy beating his dog, he would turn his anger against Plaintiff. … When Plaintiff questioned McCoy about beating his son, he would yell and scream at Plaintiff for commenting on how he should raise his son.”

Lawsuit: McCoy’s friend removed furniture, changed security in house

The lawsuit describes Porter, the second defendant, as McCoy’s best friend  who “sporadically” stayed in an extra bedroom in the couple’s home who came “in and out of the home unannounced.”

The lawsuit accuses Porter of “unlawfully” removing furniture from the home that Cordon had purchased after Cordon and McCoy broke up under instruction from McCoy. Cordon is seeking $13,000 for furniture the lawsuit claims has not been returned.

The lawsuit also claims that Porter changed the locks and the security system at the home a month prior to the invasion. Cordon did not have access to the security codes or the doorbell camera in the home after Porter made those changes under McCoy’s instruction, according to the lawsuit.

Lawsuit paints violent picture of home invasion

The lawsuit then describes a picture of the July 10 invasion, that happened in the midst of eviction proceedings filed by McCoy against Cordon.

“The assailant entered the Residence without forcible entry. Plaintiff was startled by loud noises in the residence in Porter’s old bedroom. Plaintiff exited the master bedroom to check on her minor son. The assailant held plaintiff at gunpoint, struck Plaintiff in the face several times with his firearm, demanded specific articles of jewelry given to Plaintiff by McCoy for her birthday in 2016, and indicated that he knew McCoy.”

McCoy has not been charged

Authorities have not provided an update on the case in weeks, and McCoy has not been charged with anything. The NFL has not taken punitive action against McCoy.

The Bills made a statement on the situation last week.

“Like we’ve said, it’s an investigation that’s going to be ongoing,” Kim Pegula, who owns the Bills along with her husband Terry, told The Athletic. “Actually, I’m surprised we really haven’t heard anything more from it, but it’s kind of out of our hands right now.”

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