Hue Jackson didn't know Zane Gonzalez was kicking while injured Sunday

Of all the ways the Cleveland Browns have lived down to their dubious reputation to start this NFL season, a detail shared on Monday from Sunday’s kicking fiasco may be the most inept.

Head coach Hue Jackson didn’t know that kicker Zane Gonzalez was kicking with an injury when he missed two field goals and two extra points in Sunday’s 21-18 loss to the New Orleans Saints.

Jackson confirms Gonzalez injury he didn’t know about

Jackson confirmed to reporters that Gonzalez had suffered a groin injury, but said that he wasn’t aware of it until after the game.

“That was not reported to me that Zane was hurt,” Jackson said. “I did not know and nobody had ever reported to me from our medical department that Zane was hurt.”

So there’s that.

The missed kicks likely cost the Browns their first win since 2016. They definitely cost Gonzalez his job. It seems that Jackson knowing that his kicker was hurt could have prevented both of those things from happening.

Everybody involved screwed up

The blame can be spread all around. Why didn’t Gonzalez disclose the injury to Jackson? If trainers were aware, why wasn’t Jackson?

Whatever the reason it wasn’t reported, it’s not a good look for Jackson that he runs a program where something like that happens.

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